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Saturday, 12 September 2020

Who is getting back to normal?? well these two for a start!!!

 Tracy Colletto

My first in-person live gig I had tonight in a long time. My last was on March 15, and I kept asking the venue owner if we were still having it because this was the week (where I live) when suddenly almost all live shows were being cancelled. Tonight I was at a cafe, set up outside at a safe distance. Right now, where I am, musicians can perform at outdoor concerts, most at wineries and restaurants. We still do not have indoor concerts yet for probably another 6 months or so

Luna Keller 

I've been doing a house concert tour through Germany and Switzerland throughout the last month. Due to covid most of the concerts turned out to be garden concerts.

I'm also releasing a new song on the 18th, "Let Me Go Now" the third single from my upcoming EP "Prophecies and Silver Linings"

Whether its inside or outside. Some artists are getting back into live gigs if your one on them send your photo.

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  1. It's a fabulous feeling to be able to share music in-person again safely in the good weather. Thanks for posting!