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Sunday, 13 September 2020

Who inspired you to create music ?


Lucy, Racquel and Me
Dizzy Hole
Cathal J
One Guild
Lachie A'rden
Living Waters
Neutral on Paul
Danielle Hollobaugh
Jemas Collective
Agustin Tagliabue
The Zooeys


It came from within. Been recording my compositions since I was a kid.

Local argentina rock bands fron the 80' 90's at first, then rock and blues guitar players like SRV Hendrix Satriani. Also clasical guitar music

Bruce Springsteen/ Dermot Kennedy

I entered a showcase when I was 13, and there I met my vocal coach who encouraged me to start writing.

My mom is a very musical person, she has also made her own songs and was always playing the piano at home so I looked up to her and wanted to get into music myself.

Pink Floyd, Genesis, Lionel Ritchie, Queen, David Bowie, Tina Turner, ELO
Other musicians. I listen to a lot of other artists, and writing songs as good is my motivation.

My father and The smashing Pumpkins

One music producer from my city

Beatles, Zeppelin, Dire Straits

Jimmy, moody savant in the classic 90s film “THAT THING YOU DO”

Music came to me at a difficult time in my life health wise and provided me with focus, positivity and 
happiness. My music is a.refection of this, very uplifting, feel good vibes.

Several people, but mostly the Holy Spirit!

Ben Folds, 90’s indie rock bands, a really cool Uncle

I was inspired by a lot of people. My parents and friends played a roll in encouraging me to make music in the beginning. A few friends of mine also make music so over the years we have sort of grown with and learned from each other. I had a lot of hip hop influences over the years that sort of kept me into making music in my teens. I always really liked movie and anime soundtracks. For example to this day I still listen to music from Gladiator, Kingdom Of Heaven, Hero, the Matrix, Dragonballz, Naruto and Bleach. As I got older the epic music genre sort of came into existence and caught my attention so I decided this was the main genre for me.

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