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Monday, 14 September 2020

What would you be doing now if it wasn't music?

Band Name

Lucy, Racquel and Me
Dizzy Hole
One Guild
Cathal J
Lachie A'rden
Gina Wood
Living Waters
Danielle Hollobaugh
Jemas Collective
Agustin Tagliabue
Whitman Rinaldo
Neutral on Paul
The Zooeys


I currently do BOTH my dreams.. our main career is Visual Effects Artists and we own our own VFX studio in Los Angeles. This facility also doubles up as our music studio. If I wasn't doing EITHER... I would probably go back to my PREVIOUS career which was as a computer programmer.

I had an 18 year career in management consultanting before starting in music but now that I have left it behind I think I would have to look.for something more creative. Perhaps interior design or architecture.

i'm not sure what I would be doing if I didn't have music in my life as a career. I suppose I'd still be a receptionist.

I work fulltime in HR so music is a passion and a enjoyable hobby for me

I'd love to have a show on a FM radio to promote indies artists

Well I was a Nurse for many years but prefer music

Programming, martial arts, and writing books.

My day gig, selling and fixing copiers

Writing the great novel of our time

Meditate, maybe will go to ashram

Drinking some good wine

Beating myself up

Animation & film

God only knows



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