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Sunday, 13 September 2020

What kind of music do you make ??

Artist Name.

Lucy, Racquel and Me
Dizzy Hole
Cathal J
One Guild
Lachie A'rden
Living Waters
Neutral on Paul
Danielle Hollobaugh
Jemas Collective
Agustin Tagliabue
The Zooeys
Whitman Rinaldo


Christian Rock

Mostly CCR covers

I'm a pop artist who grew up with rock and roll. I also have EDM influences in many of my songs.
We like to think it's multi-genre.. but people insist we sound like 80's pop/dance.

I think of it as low key indie rock... google calls it adult contemporary... fuck me, right?

Whatever emotions I’m feeling at the time

Uplifting piano house / dance

Pop music has always been my favourite genre and I think my music falls into that category as well.

Experimental, electronic, pop, alternative

Mainly soft-rock. The eclectism of the White album is our goal. So Folk, Blues, Country, Pop rock ... are in our musical palette

I'm a bit of a chameleon like the Beatles Abbey Road. Indie rock, reggae, punk, jazz, Americana -- I let my tunes take me around the world.

Officially at this point, I have only released epic cinematic orchestral music. In September 2019, I dropped my first three projects at the same time. 45 epic music tracks split into three albums. The album names are Ghost, Hero, and The Void. All three albums are epic fantasy based albums that I hope will be used in movies, games and animes one day. I also make other genres like hip hop, chill hop, meditation, and sad ambient style music.

Synth pop, Indie, Pop

Indie rock/ Latino/Reggaeton

Rock/Blues/Funk and Instrumental guitar music from clasical to hard rock

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