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Saturday, 12 September 2020

What is your creative process like ?? here are some responses

Here are some of the responses to the Interview and their answers 

Lachie A'rden
The Zooeys
Dizzy Hole
Whitman Rinaldo
Jemas Collective
One Guild
Neutral on Paul
Living Waters
Danielle Hollobaugh
Lucy, Racquel and Me

What is your creative process like?

I sort of plan out and think about what type of music I want to release in my head overtime before I make anything. What genres, instruments, and vibes do I want the project to have. After that, my creative process is different depending on what genre I am going to make. If I am collaborating with another musician then the process will be different as well depending on the scope of out collaboration. I find the best time to make music is when you're in the mood to make music. Making music for me requires a certain mind state to make something to my full abilities. So, once I feel it is the right time to create I get started. I use a vast array of virtual instruments and just make what I can hear in my head at first. Sometimes I start out with drums, sometimes I start with the lead instrument. After I have a concept recorded, I build around it with other instruments that I think fit well. During this part of the process I may save the track and leave it unfinished for a while and continue to revisit it. I make minor changes and additions and to make sure I still like it when I hear it in different mind states. This part of the process sort of helps me make sure nothing is off or standing out in a bad way about the track. Once a track is finished I do some mixing and mastering. Then I listen to it on all the different speakers I have available to me to see how it sounds. Sometimes I need to go back and make adjustments if it doesn't sound right in headphones or in the car for example. At this point if its meant to have a singer or rapper I write lyrics to it. After that I preform the lyrics myself or if I need someone to preform them I reach out to some one I think can do it justice. Then more mixing and mastering.

A sea of ideas that never feel i have enough time to get to. I would love to just write music all day every day but then nothing would get finished. When I sit down for a creative session I might write 3-5 songs in a few hours, take the best ones and share with the vocalists I work with. Once I have a vocal i will rework the instrumental to fit with the vocalists vision to create the final piece.

Either from dreams.. or in the shower.. or sometimes just washing the dishes. An idea will come.. and I wait a few days to see if it stays with me or if it was just a fluke. If it survives a couple of days.. then I record a bassline and percussion and begin the journey. Other times.. my wife has a catalog of song lyrics she has written and sometimes we'll just pick one and I'll compose music to it.

Sometimes I just get a new melody in my head and come up with suitable lyrics to go with it. Usually I’ve already had the idea of the next song I wanna make, and when the melody hits me the lyrics come to me naturally.

Very often, it is "Inspired Song". Other times we will put pieces several have written together. The arrangement process has mostly been an 'everybody in' sort of thing.

Most of the time, Lucy send me some lyrics. I compose the music on a ukulele, send it to Racquel for her wished singing key then I record a quick demo

I often have music pop into my head; I'm definitely a composer first. Then I have to sit down and fit the lyrics in like a puzzle.

I try to start with a verbal hook and compose something both familiar and daring simultaneously.

I write lyrics and Melodies, I often come up with these then work with a musician

I’m producer, so i’m recording music instruments on my studio and mixing them

Stumble on a phrase or melody, find time to write a song before I lose it

Listen to CCR records and then play the songs that are on the record

Spontaneous and random