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Saturday, 12 September 2020

What first got you into music? Here is what some artists said

What first got you into music?

Here are some answers from 

Lachie A'rden
The Zooeys
Dizzy Hole
Whitman Rinaldo
Jemas Collective
One Guild
Neutral on Paul
Living Waters
Danielle Hollobaugh
Lucy, Racquel and Me

My kidney transplant I.had in 2002 failed and I went onto dialysis in 2018. By early 2029 this had forced me out of my job (at the time working from home was not accepted) so when I finished up my last client I decided I'd do something I enjoyed (for fun) and booked a DJ course. One thing led to another, i started producing, found I not only loved it but was quite good and have been obsessed with music ever since. I had no previous musical background or training.

When i was 8 or 9 I played the saxophone for about a year. That was my first real focused experience with music. A few years later I got into hiphop music and movie soundtracks. A friend of mine introduced me to FL Studio and Mixcraft and I started to experiment making music.

My brother took guitar lessons and would show me what he learned every week. By the next week, he forgot it all and I had to teach him so he could be somewhat prepared at his lesson.

Singing is just something I've always loved to do, so when opportunities presented themselves to compete or perform I'd be there.

Being around family members from an early age that loved listening to and making music

I felt the need to express my feelings somehow so I started writing songs

Hearing The Beatles on the radio. Hooked for life.

I was born singing and hitting things in rhythm.

My ex girlfriend, she wrote songs and lyrics

My Dad playing guitar when I was a child

Classic 90s film “THAT THING YOU DO”

Praying and playing music together

My first band at 2013

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