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Monday, 14 September 2020

If you could change anything about the music industry what would it be ?

Band Name

Lucy, Racquel and Me
One Guild
Cathal J
Lachie A'rden
Gina Wood
Living Waters
Danielle Hollobaugh
Jemas Collective
Agustin Tagliabue
Whitman Rinaldo
Neutral on Paul
The Zooeys


I'd make it so that not everyone who can "make a noise out of an instrument" be allowed to publish their work. There are TONS of really talented musicians out there.. but there are also tons of really BAD ones.. and they take up just as much space. Making it that much harder to stand out. If you're song 39,999 out of 40,000 submissions per day.. the person listening to your music is now officially brain dead.

Its very difficult these days isn't it? I know so many musicians that are extremely talented and they can't get a break. I guess to recognize these guys for the great talent that they have even if they are not on the top 100 you get my drift.

I think streams need to pay more per stream. I think better methods of stopping fake streamers and bots need to be thought up. I think musicians need a way easier way to get their music promoted to the right fans at an affordable cost.

Ageism would vanish. I want to keep creating fun pop music, and edgy songs that you'd typically associate with young people. I don't want to see the window get more narrow for other artists later on in life.

There should be an independent body regulating record deal contracts, so a contract is fair for both sides, so artists don't get ripped off.

Regulate many aspects of the industry including labels, contracts, gig bookings and so on so young artists are not taken advantage of.

I wish it would be easier for indie artists to make it to bigger playlists on Spotify and reach more listeners

I would seize the means of production and place it in the hands of the working class

Best streaming revenue and more honesty about promotion this should be regulated

My vision is to create a level playing -field for independent artists

I think indie artists need more support from the spotify, youtube

Well he’ll, I just want people to hear what I make

a better streaming distribution, money wise

Make it truly subsidiary.

Revive live music


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