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Tuesday, 15 September 2020

How do you feel the internet has changed music ?

Band Name.

Dizzy Hole
Lachie A'rden
Ronan Furlong
Lucy, Racquel and Me
Ian Guerin
The Zooeys
Agustin Tagliabue
Danielle Hollobaugh
Jemas Collective
Neutral on Paul
Living Waters
Whitman Rinaldo
Gina Wood
Cathal J
One Guild


It has singlehandedly eliminated the power that record labels once had.. it has leveled the playing field and allowed everyone to try their hand. That is a positive thing. But it's also a negative thing because it has allowed EVERYONE TO TRY THEIR HAND. As in.. there is SO MUCH STUFF out there.. it's almost impossible to get noticed... promotion is key.. but it becomes a complete FULL TIME JOB. Then, there are the evil actors in the group.. the so called "promotion" companies that offer to promote your music. So far, we have gotten burned by TWO such entities.. they talk a good talk.. walk the walk.. their sites look legit.. they interact with you one on one and make you feel confident they are on the level.. you pay them, they disappear. Scavengers.

It broke the barrier between the audience & the performer giving everyone a chance regardless of how they look, who they know, or what executives think of them. It also opened the door for a lot of talentless acts to expose their work. However, I think people do the filtering now, and for the mist part do a fine job. There are exceptions but good music is not someone’s opinion & expendable music has always been with or without labels so I rather it be an open fair chance for everybody, like the internet allows.

I think it completely changed not just music but the world. Some of the biggest ways I think it changed music would be how it's distributed, listened to, consumed, and how much time and money it takes to make it. Also gimmicks and troll artists have sort of infiltrated every genre with hiphop being hit the hardest. On the other hand the exposure and sharing of music was increased exponentially to where we sort of have a renaissance era of everyone wanting to make music.

When I was growing up your favourite band might release once every two years. You valued those releases and learned to like the songs that weren't immediately appealing, these often became favourites with more layers and depth. Today album releases are becoming less common place and music is disposable, songs are becoming shorter and less layered. I look forward to a time when I've built my audience and I can indulge in longer more layered version of my music.

Unfortunately I feel the internet has hallowed out the business model that once supported the music industry, as a result very few musicians can earn a living from it these days. On a more positive note, it has created opportunities for musicians to interact directly with people who are Interested in their music

The internet has been incredible for music. You no longer have to live in a big city to succeed, and the recent events, with us having to stay home, has really proven that. I've collaborated with people from all over the world thanks to social media so I feel pretty blessed to be living in these times!

Of course. When I began music, it was so hard to make a record and broadcasting it. now, anyone can almost for free. it's a huge difference. My music can be found in the same place as Taylor Swift, it was'nt possible before. And collab with people at the other end of the world are possible.

Good points are that it offers the artist more opportunities to be heard and grow their brand. On the negative side there are many dodgy promoters out there that take advantage of artists by offering fake streams, etc

The pandemic has forced musicians to collaborate over Zoom, and websites like Kompoz. Before then, it was mostly a bad influence.

Everything is more available now and easier to access, even smaller indie artists have a better chance to be heard

In a way you have the ability to see and hear artists from around the world. Which is good

More choice and freedom on the one hand. A severe undervaluing of creators on the other.

Sucks that music is free now... I do wonder how much great stuff gets lost in the noise

For good more audience and oportunities for Indie artists

It has made music more accessible for everyone.


Very good


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