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Wednesday, 23 September 2020

An interview with whitman rinaldo

Band Name 

Whitman Rinaldo

What first got you into music ?
My brother took guitar lessons and would show me what he learned every week. By the next week, he forgot it all and I had to teach him so he could be somewhat prepared at his lesson.

Who Inspired you to create music ?
Beatles, Zeppelin, Dire Straits

What kind of music do you make?
I'm a bit of a chameleon like the Beatles Abbey Road. Indie rock, reggae, punk, jazz, Americana -- I let my tunes take me around the world.

What is your creative process like?
I try to start with a verbal hook and compose something both familiar and daring simultaneously. 

Who would you most like to collaborate with?
I'm on a soul kick right now, so Al Green. But I've always wanted to work with kd lang, Joss Stone, or Pink.

If you could go to an open show by any artist who would it be?
Mark Knopfler or Steve Hackett, Ringo's All Star Band

What is one message you would give to your fans ?
Peace, love and understanding

What is the most useless talent you have ?
Louis Armstrong imitations

Do you sing in the shower? which songs?
Freddie Mercury tunes

What would you be doing now if it wasn't music
My day gig, selling and fixing copiers

Where have you performed ? Favourite? Worst? Do you have any gigs coming up?
I like outdoor gigs, backyards, amphitheaters. I played in Mexico and Portugal once each. No gigs till 2021

How do you feel the internet has changed music ?
The pandemic has forced musicians to collaborate over Zoom, and websites like Kompoz. Before then, it was mostly a bad influence.

What is your favourite song to perform? *
Always love Mark Knopfler tunes

what famous musicians do you admire ?
Knopfler, Queen, Sting, Steve Hackett, The Chi-Lites

whats the worst trouble you have been in?
clean living...not much

whats the best ever advice you have been given ?
Do it again

If you could change anything about the music industry what would it be ?
Revive live music

Whats next for you ?
I've got some new tunes on Spotify "Figuring Out" and "Karen" (she wants to speak to the store manager) this month. After that I will release an album "Planetary" (working title)

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