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Friday, 28 August 2020

To be released 25 th September 2020 Sword

Artwork by James Alexander Day 

My good friend James did this artwork for me. 

If you want to contact him his details are 

Mobile 07530 196587

Thursday, 27 August 2020

also due out 18th September 2020 Guitar Works Jazz Fusion

I got a guitar case chord book and decided to put it to good use. Its been hanging around my room for ages I chose some simple movable open chords and created this jazz fusion with the F minor pentatonic scale. I think its quite effective. Very pleased.

Due out on the David N Slater profile 18th September 

Due out 18th September 2020 Bamboo Flute

I got my Bamboo Flutes about a month ago. This is my first serious attempt at playing something proper. I must say I am pleased with my purchase. I got them cheap as owt $30 for a set of 3 G tuning, C tuning and B tuning. It was hard at first. Its a completely different embrochure than either recorder or flute. I will be adding to my collection as soon as finance allows. I have decided to release these as an album.

Saturday, 15 August 2020

Artist Feature Awesimon

Awesimon is a 21-year-old musician, rapper and songwriter whose lyrics and delivery are truly unique and exciting. Heavily influenced by Travis Scott, Drake and Offset, his ability and willingness to utilise new sounds is reminiscent of such hip-hop innovators as XXXTentacion, Juice WRLD and Joey Bada$$. 

A NUI Maynooth student, Awesimon began by playing shows to college crowds which were the culmination of a journey that began as a child when he saved up for nearly a year in order to buy his first microphone. With ambitions to build a global audience and ultimately make music his solo career, his dedication to his craft is one of the most outstanding characteristics displayed by this up and coming artist.

Awesimon’s musical ability underlines the clear abundance of talent we have in the much-overlooked Irish Urban scene. We are extremely excited to be working with an Artist who possesses the talent and raw potential he has.


Releasing his first EP ‘Antinode’ in April 2019, which was an emotional and raw offering which was reflective of his writing style and the message he wanted to tell. He began to accumulate listenership and fans both domestically and abroad. This confidence led to begin performing on stage for the first-time playing gigs across the country.

Awesimon is ready now to offer up his second EP ‘Radiate’ a much more complex and rich piece of work which was produced by the acclaimed producer F.O.B who has recently produced works for RTE’s Songs from an Empty room, Uppbeat & Aaron J but to name a few.

The EP as Awesimon describes is a “Summer EP that will hopefully bring respite to the year we have had, this is a project for sunny days in the park, garden or wherever you get to chill on hot sunny days, we have experienced so much darkness in the past few months that hopefully ‘Radiate’ will help people feel brighter in themselves and about our situation when they listen to it”

Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Artist Feature Amritha Shakti

Born in Chennai, India and raised in Sydney, Amritha is a proud bi-cultural singer-songwriter who weaves her Indian classical music training into her original soul and RnB tracks. In 'Ghost Town', Amritha draws on the anger and pain she felt as she left a toxic relationship, and delivers a fiery, raw and electrifying track that has a distinct 'bluesy' vibe. 'Ghost Town' is one of five songs from Amritha's debut EP, 'The Process', which releases in full this year.

Monday, 10 August 2020

Thirsty curses new video out now

Raleigh, N.C.-based indie rock band Thirsty Curses is releasing a new music video on Tuesday, August 4th for the song "Bruises On Your Shoulders," which is from Thirsty Curses' self-titled label debut. The music video was directed by band member Clayton Herring and filmed at the Edna Boykin Cultural Center theatre in Wilson, NC. The music video stars several top actors from the Raleigh drama community, and was co-produced by faculty and staff from Studio 67 in Nashville, NC. Indeed, the music video was a collaborative effort of some of the best creative minds in central North Carolina

Thirsty Curses is a garage rock outfit formed in 2017 by singer-songwriter Wilson Getchell and currently consists of Getchell (vocals, guitar, piano) and Kelley Otwell (lead guitar), Clayton Herring (bass), and Evan Miller (drums).

Thirsty Curses' sound covers a vast array of rock ‘n roll subgenres including punk, folk, country, prog rock, 90s alternative, and pop. Vents Magazine wrote of Thirsty Curses' recent label debut album, "Their new self-titled album provides a raw, unapologetic perspective on the roughness we all feel through the ins and outs in life. This musical masterpiece of an album draws from several genres – such as punk, lighter and heavier rock, alternative and even country – although this album gives off a true “classic rock” vibe through and through. Every song beautifully blends diverse sounds and styles with harmonious and catchy lyrics." One of the region's top college radio stations, 88.1 WKNC (NC State) also praised the band's most recent album, writing, "There is some phenomenal songwriting on this album. In every song, the lyrics flow and swing together extremely harmoniously, creating a sense of continuity and balance that lets you just sink deep into the music."

The official website for Thirsty Curses may be found at Additional links provided in the signature line. 

For interviews or other requests, please contact Thirsty Curses at or the band's record label, Spectra Music Group at:

Lo-Fi Slacker Indie Rock - Three Minute Heroes Vol2, 1st single (Joe Russell-Brown)

Take a bunch of talented musicians from Hull currently making waves with their own releases at Radio 1, 6Music and Radio X, then hook them up with the young people in the area who’ve been incredibly brave in expressing their feelings in both moving and insightful lyrics, and what do you get? An album of amazing music called Three Minute Heroes Vol 2. If ever there was an example of
the healing power of music, Three Minute Heroes Vol 2 is it.

This mental health & music initiative is put together by the Hull based Warren Youth Project and is a continuation of the story following on from Three Minute Heroes Vol 1, which enjoyed love & support from BBC Radio 1, BBC 6Music, Radio X, MOJO, RnR Mag & Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch.

First single from the album is Joe Russell-Brown’s Nausea / Fatigue – a hazy, laconic song that expresses the over-thinking of young people during moments of doubt & insecurity –something we can all relate to at some point in our life. Joe says of the process involved with creating the track, “initially I got sent a load of PDF’s of things that these young people had written & it was kind of just a pleasure to read through them. I had to think what would fit my sound, maybe what is something similar to what I would write, and eventually I found a piece”.

The video for the track is cleverly illustrated by young people from The Warren & filmed by AOO Media.

As with all of the contributors on Three Minute Heroes Vol 2, Joe Russell-Brown is a Hull based artist. He’s enjoyed support on BBC 6Music, BBC Humberside ‘Introducing’ & others in recent years for his single Black Lungs & debut EP Post Youth Depression, which was recorded in his Gran’s bungalow & described as capturing Joe’s transition from acoustic songwriter to dream-pop band leader –lo-fi yet anthemic.

The release of Nausea / Fatigue will be in conjunction with a Three Minute Heroes online launch event on Friday 14th August, streamed live on Facebook from the Three Minute Heroes page & including music, videos & interviews from Joe & other musicians involved in the making of the album. Meanwhile, please follow on your preferred social media platform to keep up to date with the Three Minute Heroes story over the coming weeks leading up to the album release.

Artist Feature Branches and Sequels

Introducing the world to the phenomenon that is

Branches and Sequels

Based in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom 

This Synthpop group is set to take their chosen genre by storm.

Their unique take on a popular genre is truly ground breaking 

Fronted by TheCfShow's very own Chloe Ferguson

Branches & Sequels is a project originally started by James Steer (Bass/synth) and Richard Fury (guitar/keys). The duo wrote and released an album in 2017 after working on new electronic music after being in Hayfu together previously. They met Chloe Ferguson (vocals) and Oli Hill (drums) in late 2018 and began writing more material. The band are influenced by a range of genres but mainly resonate in the synth/electronic pop genre. 

Both Fury and Ferguson provide the harmony and melodies and Steer and Oli construct the fundamentals of drum and basslines. 

The setlist in our music is a hybrid of feel-good, empowering, euphoric and anthemic numbers, however, there is contrast underneath the “happy” and “eccentric” synthesizers which relies on dark, deep and rather morbid lyricism. 

The band bonded over a mutual like for bands such as Bloc Party, Avec SansThe Futureheads and CHVRCHES and dabbled in elements of all these ensembles. Fury and Ferguson write with strong use of imagery, metaphor and fairytale-esque perception and outside-the-box structures and shapes in the music. Perhaps listening to the music on its own would suggest the band promote happy-go-lucky songs but there is more than meets the ear in the lyrics! The order of setlist in this performance was constructed after some careful consideration about which songs would compliment each other effectively.

Artist Feature Juan María Solare

Pianist & composer Juan María Solare (Buenos Aires, 1966), an Argentine living in Germany, is one of those musicians that open scarcely travelled paths. The originality of his music stems from the confluence between post-Piazzollian tango and classical contemporary music. His singular style represents a synthesis of North and South, classical and popular, wit and melancholy, performance and composition. "Art music and light music are not irreconcilable extremes, but poles in a force field", says Solare about his "musical bilingualism".

artist feature Jeanine Del Carlo

Singer-Songwriter, Dancer, and Producer Jeanine Del Carlo’s message embraces an inspiring act of unbreakable faith, love, and perseverance. Del Carlo’s 3rd album “Save You” is out now along with her sophomore album “Never Giving Up”, multiple EP's, and singles through all digital platforms. Del Carlo is about to release her 4th Album "Love U" due out in 2020 with what she describes as her "best work" thus far. 

She's currently rehearsing for touring so make sure to check back to see if she's going to be in your city! Jeanine’s lyrics share a lifestyle of expression, dance, her heartbreaks, and listening to the voice in your heart, with a side of logic. 

Del Carlo is honored to have graced stages opening for acts like Miguel, Ryan Cabrera, and many other talented indie artists. She is honored to have performed in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York City. 

Some past stages include The Viper Room, The Whisky A Go Go, and The Rainbow Room. From the age of 4 she describes a deep love for music and dance. Artists that inspired her career include listening to her Opera singing father John Del Carlo sing, Michael & Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Tina Turner, Justin Timberlake, Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and many more. “I loved that when I would come home Dad would be singing and all different types of music would be on in the background. Those times were some of my fondest memories of childhood. I miss them everyday.”

 “I feel our world is at a crucial point to unite, understand instead of judge, and have fun. I love to connect with my audience with costumes, heartfelt lyrics, and musical arrangements. I love when people become happier, let their worries go, and smile from my music and performing. We still have a long way to go as far as letting people live in freedom. I hope my music can help that process of change.” 

Peace, Love, & Music, 

Jeanine Del Carlo

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

New York City Ballet Dancers Unite with Art Without Borders during COVID-19

Megan Fairchild 'The Sleeping Beauty - Act I' New York City Ballet | Choreography by Peter Martins | Photo (c) Paul Kolnik

NEW YORK, New York -Art Without Borders New York, a nonprofit organization with goals to inspire and expand imagination through the arts, is offering an exclusive Mentorship Program for students pursuing a career in the performing arts. The program provides a unique experience connecting students with world renowned industry professionals in the United States, including current and former company members from the New York City Ballet and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and Broadway.

Students registered to attend five or more virtual classes during Summer and Fall 2020 will have the opportunity to apply for the AWB Mentorship Program. As part of this rare opportunity, each teaching artist will select one student as a mentee based on their work during the virtual program. The mentees will be offered: private coaching, guidance on academic and career goals, tickets to selected performances with a personalized backstage tour, and access to all AWB classes and events in 2021.

AWB Virtual Program is currently open for registrations and offered at $25 for a single class, $112.50 package of five classes, $225 package of ten classes, and $350 subscription package of twenty classes at 90 minutes per session. There are flexible subscription packages available and valid during the COVID-19 pandemic. Interested individuals can book any subscription package mentioned above and combine any class until the end of 2020.

Art Without Borders, Inc. is a nonprofit organization with a mission to lift and broaden the horizon for students’ and educators’ creative visions regarding the arts through cultural experiences. AWB aims to provide opportunities for engagement with the arts on multiple platforms to diverse audiences, both domestically and internationally.

Visit AWB Educational Programs and the Art Without Borders NYC website to learn more. Follow Art Without Borders Instagram page to stay up to date on dancers and upcoming events.

What teachers and students are saying about Art Without Borders New York:
“For me, teaching has given me so much joy and motivation. I get the motivation from passing down the knowledge and seeing my student get it, apply the correction and really understand. It makes me want to work even harder!” - Emilie Gerrity, Soloist Ballerina with the New York City Ballet and AWB Teaching Artist

“When I’m creating educational programs for our students at Art Without Borders NY, my goal is to get them to learn from the best professionals, respect the others, and have a memorable experience. I always remind them to be prepared and be on time, because like George Balanchine said “There is only now. Right now.” - Iskritsa Ognianova, Founder of Art Without Borders New York

“The amount that my daughter has been able to learn and improve in the past few weeks of online classes has been astounding. This “virtual” method has provided concrete advantages that will benefit my child far beyond this pandemic.” - Emily Burke, Parent

“I thank you and all the dancers who are working with you from the bottom of my heart. If ballet does not die, it will be because of such efforts.” - Kenneth Gordon, New York Based Attorney and AWB Adult Student

AWB Teaching Artists:

Jacqueline Bologna , Ballerina with the New York City Ballet
Antonio Carmena, Former Soloist with the New York City Ballet
Ask la Cour, Principal Dancer with the New York City Ballet
Megan Fairchild, Principal Dancer with the New York City Ballet
Emilie Gerrity, Soloist with the New York City Ballet
Megan LaCrone, Soloist with the New York City Ballet
Ashley Laracey, Soloist with the New York City Ballet
Olivia MacKinnon, Ballerina with the New York City Ballet
Unity Phelan, Soloist with the New York City Ballet
Indiana Woodward, Soloist with the New York City Ballet

Board of Directors:
Iskritsa Ognianova, Founder and CEO
Antonia Imre, Consultant and Strategic Advisor on AWB European Expansion
Advisory Committee:

Douglas Denoff, Producer
Maria Di Dia, Theatre Manager
David Garfinkle, Producer
David Henry Hwang, Playwright
Nancy Koltes, Designer
Derek Mclane, Scenic Designer

Saturday, 1 August 2020

Celebration Records LLC presents Crystallized Reflections by Mark Henes


The Nashville troubadour takes listeners on a journey to the heart of American music.

Mark Henes has spent years performing around Nashville’s music scene, cultivating a loyal following with his genre hopping, Americana influenced sound. Now he is finally ready to formally introduce himself to the world with the release of his debut album “Crystallized Reflections,” which features thirteen stellar tracks that touch on everything from country and soul to punk. 

Lead single “Ghost Train” kicks things off. A haunted ode to lost love, the song takes its influence from the outlaw country of the seventies, with a hard edged sound held together by Henes’ booming baritone. Mark immediately starts to show his versatility as he switches gears on album highlight “I Pray, I Pray,” in which he is backed by a soulful horn section. The acoustic guitar driven “The Underground” channels Johnny Cash. “I am traveling to the north country,” he sings mournfully, as a string section sets the mood behind him.

There are many artists out there who can play multiple genres, but very few who can do it as convincingly as Henes. This is best exemplified by “Strip Me Down,” in which the young songwriter shows off a completely different side of his artistry. An energetic pop punk song that would sound right at home on the Warped Tour, it shows Mark at his most confrontational, with a hook that gets stuck in your head right away and stays there for weeks.

Across thirteen songs, Mark rarely repeats himself stylistically, but the entire album is held together by his commanding voice and thematic consistency. On “Arm Full Of Roses,” he slows things down again, with a comforting ballad that might have sounded at home on vintage FM radio in the sixties. The reverb heavy guitars and doo wop harmonies enhance the retro magic of the production, before giving way to chugging blues rock of “Death Was The Penalty,” in which Mark plays the role of convicted criminal as a wall of guitars provides the soundtrack for his getaway.

By the time Henes gets to album closer “Tennessee Hills,” with its old time fiddles and banjos, the listener gets the sense they’ve spent the past hour or so driving slowly across the middle of the country, exchanging stories and songs with a childhood friend. “Crystallized Reflections” is a truly one of a kind album from an artist who is just getting started on his musical journey. 

“Crystallized Reflections” is available everywhere Oct 30, 2020