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Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Artist Feature Joyless Bodies

Inspired by 90s Punk Rock and acts such as Rage Against The Machine & Nirvana. While still keeping the roots of Metal in mind with the big chuggy riffs of Black Sabbath. Joyless Bodies Is a new Alternative three-piece Rock Band from Delson, Qu├ębec. Founded in May 2019, the band is still running as they released their Debut EP A Woeful Call in February 2020. More is to come, stay tuned!


I don't really feel like going back
To the old days
Now that there is only peace among us
It feels like were home

Sea of burned bodies
All over my hands
Something is wrong in me
What should i do?

Hazard and decay all around
Nothing seems fine
From what she learned it seems much worst
Than heard before

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