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Sunday, 17 May 2020

New distributor and next album

Hey I have awesome news after some legal shinanigins I have successfully transfered to another distributor.

You can now look forward to more releases from me in the future. I am currently writing my next album this will be guitar duet with a wind instrument taking the place of the lead instrument I have already written works for flute , oboe and bassoon. I have yet to decide which of the many instruments I have to choose from will feature as the final 2 works which will complete my 5 track EP.

The track names tell the story of my imaginary love life. 'I Love Clara' is the first track, 'Now I Love  Anabelle' is the next one and 'Nope it's Lucy I love' as the third. Clara Clayton (Mary Steenburg) is the name of the character in Back to the Future III who stole Dr Emmett Brown's (Christopher lloyd) heart. Lucy is taken from Lucille Ball the famous female comedy actress who I remember from the sitcom show 'I Love Lucy'. Annabelle is just a name that just dropped into my head for reasons which remain a mystery to me.

I have yet to choose the names of the final two female characters. But definately in the running is the name of the character name of girl in the film Species, Sil (Michelle Williams) and the gothic lab girl 'Abby' (Pauly Perette) in NCIS and course the character Ellen Ripley (Sigorney Weaver) in the  Alien's franchise. I can only choose two to complete my 'Imaginary Lovers EP album.

I went with Ellen Ripley and Abby

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