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Thursday, 30 July 2020

More from Thoroughbredmusic and Ronan Furlong

Thoroughbredmusic is delighted to announce the release of 2020 Double Grammy contender, 

Ronan Furlong’s new single,
ISRC UK6KK2000001
‘Keep on Turning the Pages’

 releasing on 1st May, 

from the superb new album

‘Minerva’s Meddling’ out 29th May

Download the album 'Minerva’s Meddling’ and the single

‘Keep On Turning The Pages’ FREE here:

The fabulous animated video for the song ‘Hades Nebula’

from the album, was a 2020 DOUBLE GRAMMY CONTENDER for

best music video, and for best performance categories:

The video was produced by D Varma, Writer, Film Maker & Producer of

Ronan is featured TWICE on Classic Rock Magazine’s link below:

Irish singer-songwriter Ronan Furlong displays an approach songwriting that is refreshingly unique and instantly recognisable. Weaving a beguiling tapestry of intricate guitar work, idiosyncratic lyrics and heartfelt vocals, Ronan's songs are strikingly original, exploring a broad range of philosophical themes in a fresh and contemporary fashion. 

Ronan: a renowned guitarist is regarded as one of the finest at his craft in Ireland and has received global airplay. Ronan’s last album ‘Diotima’s Ascent’ made the charts in Hotpress in their top 20 albums of 2019 – coming in at Number 19.

Editors Notes:

Ronan has developed a style that is very much his own, shedding fresh light on ancient core themes of the human condition and re-exploring timeless narratives from a contemporary perspective. As a former student of famed Mexican guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriella, he has acquired a reputation as a guitarist of renown and uses his skills to enhance and compliment his songs using subtle lines and clever licks.

This highly original artist always produces unique, thoughtful music infused with melody and a style that is entirely his own. In a live setting he always provides an eclectic and energetic show and takes time to explain the underlying meaning of his unique songs to involve his audience in the performance. "Ronan’s last single ‘The Silver Torc’ was chosen by Irish hero MMA fighter Richard Kiely as his signature walkout music. Ronan played the song LIVE, in front of 9,000 people when Richard fought at the 3Arena, Dublin on 27th September 2019, and to a global TV audience.

Richard quotes: ’I am a huge fan of Ronan Furlong's music and I am honoured that he allowed me to use his song for my walkout music. I needed a song that would match the fierce energy and fervour that the Irish crowd bring. When I heard The Silver Torc, I instantly knew I had found that song. After the opening chords hit, the song blew the roof off the 3Arena!

More live videos from Minerva’s Meddling: 

Hoplite Armour:

Mystic Mountain:

Industry Quotes:

Furlong is an assured & engaging solo performer with an expressive, flexible voice & dextrous guitar playing…helping pioneer a superior form of literate, contemporary song-based music for attentive listeners…His elegant lyrics range over a myriad of subjects… That said, Furlong also delivered accessible, snappy tunes…” Jackie Hayden – Renowned Irish Music Journalist and CBS Marketing Manager (masterminding marketing campaigns for Dylan, Leonard Cohen, ABBA, The Clash & Paul Simon).

“Furlong has a style that is unique and certainly makes him stand out on the contemporary singer-songwriter scene. The fact he is an outstanding guitar player certainly helps but it’s in the songs that the real magic lies”. – Brendan Keane - Storytellers.

Please consider for airplay, playlist, video shows, and interview. Ronan is available for interviews and live sessions, for more details contact:

Adrian Collis Tel: 07727 126645

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