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Monday, 27 April 2020

Saturday, 25 April 2020


It is with great regret that I have to inform you that my current distributor has decided to limit the number of intrumental tracks that any artist can release.

So with great regret I have to inform all of you that there will be no more releases from either Musical Artizan or David N Slater.

Good job I have plenty of other activies I can busy myself with this blog being one of them. If you wish to help me keep busy during this time of lockdown and into the forseeable future then do not hesitate to contact me regarding blog features and playlist placement.

Unless I can find a lyricist and singer to work with on collab tunes this is the end of the road as far my music output goes.

If you can offer some collab opportunities and a means to achieve that then by all means contact me.

There is one other thing that I can do and that is produce video of the spoken word from my daretobelieve blog. I have meant to do it for sometime but for various reasons have not got round to it.

There are two albums in the pipeline the Manic Mania and The Bad Lands. These two shall be my last releases.


Friday, 24 April 2020

Albums Due out in April 2020(every friday in April) LAST RELEASE TODAY 24TH APRIL 2020

Friday 3rd April


Morphius drooble streaming click here

Track list 

Andante Strings
Call me Tuba
Non Tradition Scales
The Guardian
Neo's Salvation



Friday 10th April 

Desert Places


Track List 

Oboe and Piano
Oboe and Piano Two
Oasis Rest
Desert Winds
Desert Ride
Desert Heat


Friday 17th April

Saving Shanaz Drooble streaming click here  

Track List 

Saving Shanaz
Ezel's Waltz
Ezel's Mountain
Lydian Linda
Quick Lydian Waltz
The Rabbit Hole


Friday 24th April

Track List 

Resolution Two
Limited 2 Piano
Lost at Sea 2
Piano and Strings 

Song Feature Latest release Melissa Marks

Song feature All You Want Jerome Obholz

So Hello, my name is Jerome and I'm a pop artist located in Nashville Tennessee. A lover of life, music, and so much more. I look forward to sharing my journey of life with you through the music, & images I share!

Life is a rollercoaster of emotions, & being able to capture that emotion has always fascinated me. Emotions are incredibly powerful and expressing that emotion through a song has become my joy!
Take a listen & if you like it feel free to follow me, save & add me to your playlists! Music is a huge part of my life and life is a lot less fun if I have no one to share it with!

Latest Release 

Thursday, 23 April 2020

artist feature BAzzJoke

April 2020 - BAzzJoke is a hear-impaired music producer with a focus on creating tracks influences by melodic house, deep and other genres of EDM. Today, he dropped a brand new studio effort titled “Into The Blue”, which highlights his ability to set the bar higher with some world-class productions, as well as his focus on great melodies and hooks. If you are a fan of artists as diverse as Lost Frequencies, Otto Knows, as well as Robin Schulz, you are definitely going to enjoy the sound and feel of “Into The Blue”. So don’t pass up on it! This song hits the mark, and it serves as a perfect calling card for BAzzJoke. It is all about tight low end. As the name of the artist himself might imply, you can expect some massive bass tones, but his production isn’t only about making the speakers shake. “Into The Blue” is a melodic track at its core, and there is plenty of balance when considering the relationship between the bass content of the track, and it’s more melodic nuances. The production is filled beautifully with many lush atmospheric pads, striking melodies and cool sonic elements that will make you want to get on that dance floor and jump into the crowd!

In conclusion, it is safe to say that this talented swiss producer knows a thing or two about what it takes to craft outstanding modern dance tracks, and move the people onto the dance floor with sounds that are not just powerful, but also emotionally easy to relate to! BAzzJoke did an absolutely remarkable job with this release, channeling a wide range of influences. Inspirations for this number include the energy of modern deep house and the softer edge of the genre’s most melodic drift, which went to on help the artist create a very distinctive, one-of-a-kind vibe.

Raighes Factory Artists

Lorenzo Tempesti 

Lorenzo Tempesti is an Italian soundtrack composer from Udine, Friuli Venezia Giulia. He has published various albums on his own (notably his piano CD While the others sleep, 2016) and participated in compilations by the international label Soundiva.

Michele Nobler 

Michele Nobler always had a passion for music since he was a child, even before he was able to read 
the scores, he already played his original improvisations.

He considers music related to images and more generally to the perception of the world through “sound images”.

This passion, encouraged by Mo. Antonio Del Lungo, accompanied him during his 5 years of study at the Conservatory School of Experimental L. Cherubini of Florence (Mo. Rosario Mirigliano).


Enzo Orefice was born in Naples in 1972 and since childhood he approaches the study of the piano under the guidance of his mother, pianist and music teacher. Towards adolescence he began a serious study, aimed at obtaining the Piano Diploma, a goal he achieved in 1994 at the State Conservatory of Music “D. Cimarosa ”in Avellino, under the guidance of Maestro Nicola Setaro.

Manuel Zito

Manuel Zito begins playing piano at the age of five. In 2002, he also dedicated himself to listen and play “non-classical” music too.

He graduates at the Conservatory “S. Pietro a Majella” of Naples in 2012 and starts to play with different band around Italy.

His passion for Nordic-European music (Olafur Arnalds, Johann Johansson, Nils Frahm) leads him to record his first album at the “Sundlaugin Studio” in Mosfellsbær (Iceland) in August 2017, Sigur Ros’ recording studio. Actually a tune “Ann’s Lullaby”, by Mellotron, is on “Peaceful piano”, the biggest Piano playlist on Spotify.


Timeless, with an eye looking at the future: this is Ebe De Antonio’s musical vision.

Her compositions are characterized by a piano that can have an electronic texture, or left alone, to express the typical sounds of the “contemporary classic” music.


KeyPiKo (alias Daniele Serpi), pro pianist and arranger fro 20+ yrs. Eclectic musician he works as teacher, session player live and in studio (pop, classical, rock, swing, jazz and folk). During his carreer he worked with some great Italian artists such us Simone Cristicchi, Audio2, Antonino Spadaccino, Paps’n’Skar, Neja. Since 2017 is working with the popular folk singer-songwriter Maria Luisa Congiu.


“Collettivo Armonico” it’s a collective music project created by the composer Roberto Diana.

Music for Piano, strings and instrumental compositions performed by himself or with different musicians from all over the world.


Alone, or paired with her sister Ebe, Ada De Antonio specializes in the piano reinterpretation of great soundtracks of our times, both of the cinema and of the most well known TV series … except for some songs that are original or in collaboration with other artists.


Claus Egan is a Classically trained pianist who loves to create moments of peace with his fingers over the piano keys.


Gian Marco La Serra is a pianist and composer from Rome. He graduated in classical piano at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in 2006 and performed as keyboardist in rock, pop and metal bands. Music teacher, he composes for piano in a contemporary-minimalist style, with several publications under his belt, also in collaboration with other artists.


Andrea Moro is a songwriter and composer, born in Rome, he has followed numerous songwriting master classes with artists such as Bungaro, Giuseppe Anastasi, Saverio Grandi.

Pianist and composer Igor Longhi started his piano classical studies as a five-year-old kid.

During his musical life, he explored many different genres, from hard rock to reggae and in 2002, contributes to forming the international reggae band Makako Jump . 

During these years, he capitalizes on his musical influences, resulting from great masters such as Ludovico Einaudi, Yiruma, Yann Tiersen evolving into intimate, expressive music, making of classicism and minimalism his flag. In 2015 he started writing soundtracks for documentaries, commercials, and video clips.

Artist Feature Jake Stopar and One Day At A Time (Baby)

Releases 15th May 

Debut Single 

Current guitar player for The North And Wells Band, and local Chicago blues artist who has been hitting the blues clubs, sitting in with legends nightly such as Buddy Guy, Marty Sammon, Billy Branch, Linsey Alexander, etc until shelter inside became a reality. Currently working endlessly on the first EP, and ready to hit the ground running with the first single One Day At A Time (Baby)

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

This is Nicola Monopoli and 3 Stanzas

Nicola Monopoli was born in Barletta (Italy) in 1991.

He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Music and New Technologies with honors and an honorable mention, a Master’s Degree in Electronic Music with honors and he graduated with full marks in Composition from ‘N. Piccinni’ Conservatory in Bari.

He studied with relevant composers of the contemporary and electronic music scene such as Jonathan Cole, Michael Oliva, Riccardo Santoboni, Francesco Scagliola, Matteo Franceschini, Massimo Carlentini, Francesco Maria Paradiso, Michele Maiellari and Gilbert Nouno.

He was the first composer to earn the Artist Diploma in Composition from The Royal College of Music in London supported by a Clifton Parker Award and a scholarship by Giovani Artisti Italiani Association, Project DE.MO./Movin’Up (partner of the Italian Ministry of Culture).

His compositions were performed in Italy, France, Germany, Australia, England, Ireland, Norway, Greece, Russia, the United States, Spain, the Netherlands, Canada, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Cyprus, Mexico and Brazil.

He participated in electroacoustic and contemporary music concert seasons and festivals of international…



The piece, as the name implies, is divided into 3 parts. The first represents a person who writes the memories which he wants to get rid of on a piece of paper. The person tears and throws the paper into the fire, a sort of magical purification or a reset function.

The second part introduces the idea of catharsis, the breathing becomes strong, almost ritualistic. This completes the purification process and, from here, it is possible to begin again from scratch.
The third part is a sort of return to reality, to the constant struggle of life, restarting to write the memories on a paper, in a cyclical continuity.

The form of the piece is strictly related to this image. The composition starts and ends with the sound of a trigger, a matchstick, symbolizing the possible loopability of the piece.

Sunday, 19 April 2020

Artist feature Kepa Lehtinen

A bit of the bio on this Electronica Composer~ Kepa Lehtinen was born in Helsinki, Finland in 1971 and began studying music in childhood, eventually learning to play piano, synthesizers, theremin, and drums. He went on to study Sound Design at Finland’s Aalto University and has since written music for many films, commercials, and TV productions. He routinely works as a composer, sound editor, and sound designer. His work has appeared in award-winning Finnish titles such as Kimmo (TV series), Almost 18 (feature film), and A Stone LeftUnturned (short film). He released his first solo album, Playing Theremin, in 2018. In 2019 he released Helsinki in November


In the Drooble Charts again this week with two songs (week 16)

This songs is currently at number 25

This is currently at 29

Chart Link





Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Steven Blasini and BenniQue Blasini, aka "BlaziQue"

Steven Blasini and BenniQue Blasini, aka "BlaziQue", are a husband and wife duo from Los Angeles, CA. Together for 20 years now and sharing ALL aspects of their careers... they work and play together 24/7. In addition to music, they also own and operate a Visual Effects Studio where their work ranges from major theatrical releases, thru TV, thru web media. Steven began his love of music from toddler age.. being "rhythmically" blessed.. he banged and pounded on anything he could find. In the 80's he dove in (while working as an office manager) composing and recording original songs on Casio VL-TONE's and up. Not having an actual studio.. he would layer multiple tracks by using two separate stereo cassette decks and using the LEFT and RIGHT channels as "individual" recording layers. Mixing track 2 into track 1 and recording new layers onto track 2 and swapping cassettes, rinse and repeat. It was crude.. but it worked. Later, as technology improved.. came the personal computers with sound cards and limitless channels. Steven played drums and percussion natively.. moved on to teach himself guitar, keyboards and eventually found his dream instrument.. the one that bonded with his soul... his BASS! Being a YES fanatic since they began in the late 60's.. Chris Squire of YES became Steven's remote mentor (even though he didn't know it.. haha). Paul McCartney, Victor Wooten and many others round out Steven's learning style. While he is a member of an original rock band, he continues to write and develop songs with his wife at their home studio as BlaziQue. Oh, yeah, this time it's a PROPER studio! ;-) During these strange times and being confined, they have let their creativity soar and are currently working on several new song projects slated for release later in the month on Spotify, So stay TUNED!

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

This is Jesus Reigns by Jonny Thomasson

 This song was written in response to covid-19 by Jonny Thomasson released by Kings Church

Monday, 13 April 2020


Known from MTV Real World 2006 fame, Nashville-based Atlanta-born artist Davis Mallory had always established a love for music, but it wasn’t until years later that he started creating original music of his own. His first ‘official release’ was a song that he wrote in tribute to his MTV co-star Diem Brown, who in 2014, passed away from cancer. Mallory continued writing, sharing his second official release with the same co-writers of "Beautiful Girls" titled "Anyone Would Know,” a song about a previous love relationship, which was chosen by Swedish DJ John Dahlback to remix, released in the summer of 2017 on Armada Records.

Mallory next released his debut EP Loud in 2017, and has gone on to work with some of the biggest names in the business, including American Idol alum Matt Giraud "Faded" (2017), EDM vocalist Notelle and German DJ Noize Generation "Hold Me Down" (2018) on Warner/KnightVision, Mitchell Rose and DJ Landis "Top of the World" (2018) on Sony/Thrive, “Dance with Me” co-written by Mallory and produced by French DJ Loic Penillo, "Thinking of U" by Loic Penillo and “Pitter Patter” by Swedish artist KAAG were both signed to Warner Denmark's Quattro Records. Davis has also had several of his tracks remixed by world-renowned DJ’s, including Miami’s DJ Landis, Algerian DJ Randall, French artists Vorden, Indian DJs Basspatch, Backclash, Cosmos, and Peruvian DJ Aaron Marz, among others.

Mallory has forthcoming projects with Italian model and actor Federico Constantini, an official remake of the song "Blue" by Eiffel 65 signed to EDX label Sirup and produced by Italians Alex Pizzuti & Adalwolf, an original song "Dance 2 the Beat" with Italians DJs From Mars signed to the Italian label Ego, "Believe" with Russians Going Deeper, "Meant That" with NYC based DJ Chris Varvaro, and a debut album of his own coming later this year, featuring songs and production largely written in Stockholm, Sweden.

This is Ted Hajnasiewicz

Driven to write the perfect song, Minneapolis-born singer/songwriter Ted Hajnasiewicz (Hi-Nah-SHEV-Its) performs with a magnetizing honesty and reflective tone that speaks to the very essence of the human spirit.

After spending years honing his craft, Ted put his best foot forward with the release of “This Is What I Do” in 2019. Now, he’s returning with a collection of pop songs, love songs, introspective songs about deepening existing relationships and letting love win.

Tony Wanted to Make a Record. That’s the title of the album, as well as the catalyst for the collection of new you now hold in your head. Producer/engineer friend Tony Preston approached Ted with a proposition – “I want to record one of your songs, Ted”. taking it a bit too far, Ted put forth an 8-song pop rock “feel good, or least FEEL” concept album.

What does Ted mean by “Feel good, or at least FEEL”? In his own words, “I had some silly pop rock love songs, that were written in an attempt to escape the throes of social media and societal unrest and division. Something to just let that go for 30 minutes and just chill.” Combined with a couple songs about the desire for deeper connection than one could ever have on a mobile device, “feel good, or at least FEEL” became his mantra and goal with this release. “My desire is for people to know they are known. To know they are loved. To know they MATTER. These days, that’s not a common way of thinking – I’d love for us to get back to that. These silly little songs are no more than a momentary release from the daily grind – but that’s a start. Maybe from there, we can slow down and get to know each other. Maybe we can learn to love each other again.”

Why not call the album “Feel Good, Or At Least Feel”? In Ted’s own words, “Tony wanted to make a record…”

Releases June 12th

Latest Release 

Artist Feature Andrew Star

Andrés Felipe Rodríguez Otalora better known in the artistic world as "Andrew Star" is a 23-year-old Colombian singer-songwriter, Composer, Writer, Producer and Dj, this sample of what this multifaceted artist can achieve, but is looking for a great record label to support his career as a singer, his main focus on Pop music, but presents this Dance Music single as it is a step to continue to success.

Friday, 10 April 2020

Artist Feature Frank Sartain

Franklin Robert Sartain (b.1993) is an aspiring composer of epic cinematic music. His interest in composing was first discovered when he was an instrumental music student at the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA) in Houston, Texas. He studied music composition at Stephen F. Austin State University (SFASU) in Nacogdoches, Texas, and earned a Bachelor’s Degree under the direction of Dr. Stephen Lias, Dr. Maria Grenfell, and Dr. Charles Halka. He also studied under the direction of Dr. Maria Grenfell at the Conservatorium of Music at the University of Tasmania in Hobart, Australia. His music has been performed by fellow students and colleagues at SFASU and internationally in England and Australia. Frank’s musical influences include David Travis Edwards, Two Steps From Hell, Mark Petrie, Brian Tyler, and Hans Zimmer. He is currently furthering his music education at Loyola University New Orleans. Aside from composing epic music, Frank is an Eagle Scout from the Sam Houston Area Council (Texas) and a Guinness World Record Holder.

Artist Feature Andy Salvanos

Swedish-born Andy Salvanos is a recording artist based in Australia. His music is noted for its organic sound and fluid melodies played on the 10-string Chapman Stick, an unusual instrument that blends elements of guitar and tuned percussion. Having built a loyal fan base as a street musician, Andy is also a respected solo performer at music festivals and events throughout Australia. He is releasing new solo material in 2020 on Yellow Rose Records, as well as several collaborations.

Composer. Performer. Recording artist.

From city streets to stages and soundtracks, Andy Salvanos is internationally recognised for his unique voice on the Chapman Stick. Born in Sweden with Greek-Russian-Irish heritage, Salvanos is a seasoned world traveller who spent a decade in Los Angeles as a session bassist, before settling in Australia. He is a sought-after solo performer at special events and festivals, including the Adelaide International Guitar Festival and the National Folk Festival.

With six original albums to his credit, including the latest release "Transform", Andy’s music continues to evolve and find new listeners, showcasing an accessible, lyrical and often cinematic style which defies categorisation. Available wherever you enjoy listening to music.

Monday, 6 April 2020

Artist Feature Ashley Bathgate

American cellist Ashley Bathgate has been described as an “eloquent new music interpreter” (New York Times) and “a glorious cellist” (The Washington Post) who combines “bittersweet lyricism along with ferocious chor solo cello. Both ASH and her latest album, 8 Track, featuring new multitrack works by Alex Weiser and Emily Cooley, as well as a new rendition of Steve Reich’s Cello Counterpoint, will be commercially released this coming season. Most recently, she premiered a new evening length work by Michael Gordon, House Music, at the 2018 Cello Biennale in Amsterdam, NL. 

​ops” (New York Magazine). Her “impish ferocity”, “rich tone” and “imaginative phrasing” (New York Times) have made her one of the most sought after performers of her time. The desire to create a dynamic energy exchange with her audience and build upon the ensuing chemistry is a pillar of Bathgate's philosophy as a performer. Dynamism drives her to venture into previously uncharted areas of ground-breaking sounds and techniques, breaking the mold of a cello's traditionally perceived voice. Collaborators and fans alike describe her vitality as nothing short of remarkable and magical for all who are involved.

Bathgate was a member of the acclaimed sextet Bang on a Can All-Stars for ten years. She is also a member of the chamber music group HOWL, TwoSense with pianist Lisa Moore, and Bonjour, a low-strung, percussive quintet. In 2015 Bathgate gave the world premiere of What Moves You, a collaborative performance project with jookin’ dance sensation Lil Buck at the Spoleto Festival USA in Charleston, NC, as well as the world premiere of a new Cello Concerto written for her by Kate Moore for the Gaudeamus Festival in Utrecht, NL. Subsequently, she released her debut album, Stories For Ocean Shells, featuring a set of works for solo cello composed by Moore, which was released in 2016 on Cantaloupe Music. That year Bathgate also commissioned the ‘composer collective’ Sleeping Giant to write ASH, a six-movement suite f

Bathgate’s radio/television appearances include performances on BBC Radio 3, WKCR, WMHT, WQXR’s Meet the Composer podcast with Nadia Sirota, NPR’s Performance Today, WYNC’s New Sounds Live, SiriusXM, Late Night and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Her recorded work can be found on Albany Records, Cantaloupe Music, Innova Recordings, La-La Land Records, Naxos, New Amsterdam Records, Nonesuch, Starkland and Uffda Records. She has also recorded for several podcasts presented by Wondery, Gimlet and Stitcher.

Bathgate studied at Bard College with Luis Garcia-Renart (B.M.) before continuing her education at Yale University with renowned cellist Aldo Parisot (M.M. & A.D). Originally from Saratoga Springs, NY, Bathgate began her cello studies with the late Rudolf Doblin, principal cellist and assistant music director of the Buffalo Philharmonic in the 1950’s. After his passing, she resumed her tutelage with Ann Alton at Skidmore College. A member of the Empire State Youth Orchestra at the time, Bathgate was also the unprecedented two-time winner of the Lois Lyman Concerto Competition, performing the Saint-Saens and Schumann Cello Concertos with the orchestra at Troy Savings Bank Music Hall. While at Bard College, she was invited to perform both the d’Albert and Barber Cello Concertos with the American Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Leon Botstein and then went on to win Yale University’s Concerto Competition in 2008, performing with the Yale Philharmonia in New Haven’s legendary Woolsey Hall. 

Bathgate resides in Saratoga Springs, NY.