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Sunday, 29 March 2020

corona virus UPDATE

As you may or may not know I suffer from paranoid schitzophrenia over these last few weeks I have become increasingly triggered by the word coronavirus I have tried to keep myself informed by watching the news. It is now increasingly difficult to watch the news I haven't been out for ages I opened the bin yesterday and a cloud of flies came out I have taken the rubbish out at last I have asked my family to deliver some fly traps the kind that are sticky and hang from the ceiling it should arrive today. I have decided to distance myself from facebook and the tv as as these are sources of anxiety for me at the moment as almost every other post is about the coronavirus even twitter is full of corona virus posts I have therefore chosen to censor my internet based operations for the foreseeable future. I will of course continue to compose new albums and post regularly on my daretobelieve blog.

Thanks for your understanding 


Saturday, 28 March 2020

Albums Released in March 2020

Experimental Chorus

13th MARCH

Track List 

Destiny (chorus)
Peter and Jane
Earth Shock

Available for streaming on drooble 


All links here


Piano Collection.

20th MARCH


Track List

A Day Out
Hirajoshi Piano
Aeolian Piano
Brighter Days


Across the River

27th MARCH

out now

Track List

Hirajoshi Brass Band
Speedy Go Slow Winds
Lightening Bolts
Two Tone Piano
The West Wind 

All these works attempt to bring a fresh new sound to my fans and listeners
Watch out a new sound experience is coming!

Wednesday, 25 March 2020


ROLLERS OF BEDLAM is a London based band, inspired from a wide range of rock music (classic rock, post rock, punk, post punk, psychedelic) and other music genres as blues, reggae, hip-hop and funk. Creating a fresh and unique sound which is hard to assort, with lyrics that capture social interactions of daily life and relations, Rollers, with their straight to your face attitude, can only be described as original rock music of the present age. 

The band started summer of 2017. The idea got life when singer Joey Bedlam and guitarist Luke Byron met drummer Luke Rendel(ex-Theatre Of Hate, ex-Crisis) and they started to compose some songs. Few months later bassist Dimi Duke(ex-Witchcurse) joined and they started rehearsing. They released "Bedlamic Estate" EP in August 2018. A video for the song "The Brook" came out at the same time. "It's Rock 'Ν' Roll" and "Living Poor With Kings" single/videos came out the next year, 2019.

 Meanwhile, they played a lot of gigs and festivals all over UK. Their unreal energetic -D IS C O C R A P H Y " and shocking performances, helped them to achieve a strong fanbase and following. Danial Georgiev, a Bulgarian promoter living in London, saw them live and Rollers made their first step in abroad, touring Bulgaria in October 2019. 

The world famous producer Gordon Raphael, discovered the band and they entered Urchin Studios in January 2020. They worked together and recorded their second EP, "Bedlam City". Both sides, are excited with this project and they hope it will help the band to reach even bigger audiences and grow in the music industry.

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Artist Feature El Gato Dice

El Gato Dice consists of Bob Crews (drums), David Jesitus (guitar, vocals), and Alexis Blair (bass, vocals). An old post punk band was dissolving in 2009 but Bob and David still had things to say. So they churned out the seven track "Uno" in 2010 and also found a home studio in Robot Envy, The result was sweet edgy Americana, and the reception was good. Forward to 2013. "Dos" begins to form in delicious lo-fi with acoustic "Clean" and "Walk A Mile' making an extra-terrestrial radio splash. Ugur Pece joins as full time bassist and amps things up- the quite electric (and eclectic) "Dos" rears it's pretty head in summer 2015. College radio gets it, they actually get it- and the band is finally on air nationwide. The spooky, almost industrial "Insatiable" instrumental clocks in at almost 7 minutes and becomes a surprise hit. Ugur needs to relocate (it's too loud for him, maybe? Just kidding. Career change) so Alexis takes over the reins in 2017 and the band fires off another 10 track trip- the critically acclaimed "Tres" record. It's got the gaze people expect, but peppered with pop and glam.. Complex. Visceral. Beautiful. Soaring. The cat says you're going to like this record

Industry Quotes 

“The San Francisco based group produces a pretty experimental indie rock sound that shows off the freedom of the California music scene. There are many influences here as founder Dave grew up in Cleveland, Ohio loving surf and shoegaze music while other original member Bob hails from the North Carolina college underground scene. Mix that along with the eclectic experience that is San Francisco and you get something quite interesting and different. To truly experience El Gato Dice “Insatiable” is a must listen. The 6 and a half minute instrumental track seems to have everything they do mashed into one. It is deep, it is dark, it is soaring. This needs to be the soundtrack on my alarm clock for getting my day started from now on. By the time you get to the acoustic closer “Walk A Mile” your mind is in need of its relaxed sitting around a campfire feel. Definitely a record to listen to start to finish.”

Flute Oboe Guitar Violin Ensemble on

This piece starts off with a Am F G Em progression which changes to C G Am F I have used the slur throughout something I have neglected to use until recently.

I have made use of call and response throughout.

Monday, 23 March 2020

Even More on

This is the first work where I have actually made full use of the slur. Having come from musescore where the slur is mere decoration to sibelius which actually makes the slur a fully functional part of the software.  I have neglected in using it till now so you can expect more dynamic and expresive music from me in future.

More piano on drooble

Some basic moody arpeggios modulates from C Major to F Major and back again thought I'd keep things simple. Its a trio with a left arpeggio on piano 1 a right hand arpeggio on piano 2 and a simple alternating 1, 5 pattern on piano 3 bass with some rolling chords on the treble 

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Artist Feature Violet Blend

Violet Blend is an Italian alternative rock band from Florence. The band is made up by Giada Celeste Chelli (vocals and piano), Daniele Cristellon (guitar), Ferruccio Baroni (bass) and Michel Agostini (drums). 

In June 2017 Violet Blend played at I-Days, the most important Italian rock festival, opening the Radiohead concert. I-Days 2017 saw the participation of Linkin Park, Green Day, Blink 182, Sum 41, Rancid. 2017 also saw the band engaged in a dense serie of concerts in Italy and UK with the “White Mask Tour" (around 20 dates) 

The band played as support at the concerts of Garbage (USA), Chris Slade (AC/DC), Bobo Rondelli, Vinnie Moore (Alice Cooper), Rezophonic (Mario Riso), Finley, Bobo Rondelli, The Bastard Sons of Dioniso and the british band Antimatter. Violet Blend won Brianza Rock Festival (2017), Stage Diving Contest (2017), Classic Rock Italia Contest (2017), ET – Music Award at Sanremo Rock (2019) and the prestigiuous F.I.P.I. International Intellectual Property Federation’s Award as BEST REVELATION BAND of SUMMER 2019. 

The band was also guest at the 25th anniversary of MEI – Meeting of the Indipendents held in Faenza in october 2019. On February 1st 2018 ‘White Mask‘, Violet Blend’s debut album, was released, the city of Florence was invaded by thousands of masks with a purple V on that created havoc and sensation throughout the city, attracting the attention of citizens and of many national media, from Repubblica to Radio Freccia.

 On February 10th Violet Blend presented the album ‘White Mask‘ at Viper Theater in florence, from here the new tour “Burn Your Mask Tour" took them all over Italy, England and Wales, for a total of 40 dates, half of them in the UK.

 At the moment the band is writing the second album.

Thursday, 19 March 2020



Piano Collection.

20th MARCH

Track List

A Day Out
Hirajoshi Piano
Aeolian Piano
Brighter Days

All Links 

Week 12 top 50 Classical genre on DROOBLE.COM

Coming in at number 3 Neoplitan Guitar

Coming in at number 13 Lonely Planet 

Coming in at number 17 Prelude

See Chart Here 

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Having fun with the 1564 chord progression

The song is in C Major Ionian mode and C minor Aeolian mode remember that the minor has a sharp 7.   

Because the Neopolitan scale is different to both C Ionian and C Aeolian it has a very different tone - semitone pattern.

C Major Ionian C D E F G A B C

1 C E G
5 G B D
6 A C E
4 F A C

C Minor Aeolian  A B C D E F G# A

1 A C E
5 E G# B
6 F A C
4 D F A

C Neopolitan Major C Db Eb F G A B C

1 C Eb G
5 G B Db
6 A C Eb
4 F A C

C Neopolitan Minor C Db Eb F G Ab B C

1 C Eb G
5 G B Db
6 Ab C Eb
4 Eb G B

If you listen the bass takes on a different pattern when it changes to the neopolitan varients

Friday, 13 March 2020

Neopolitan Guitar drooble chart success

This weeks top 50 straight in an number 5 

Awesome news see chart here 

Track now at number 3 : 7am Friday March 13th 

OUT NOW ACROSS THE GLOBE Experimental Chorus

Track List 

Destiny (chorus)
Peter and Jane
Earth Shock 

As the title suggests an adventure into choirs and choral music.

 But not ordinary choral 

Nothing in major or minor scales here

All exotic scales 

hope you can hear the difference.

All stores  click here

Exotic Brass on Drooble and worldwide radio partners


Find out about Drooble Radio here 

Neopolitan on the Rocks

All of these tracks use the neopolitan scale both major and minor version

with the exception of 'Neopolitan Guitar' which uses the Neopolitan minor scale and C Ionian.

Due to the exotic nature of the scale I decided to use guitar notation and not TAB.

Also I used piano chords as I dont  know how to compose guitar chords on standard staff notation. 

Just one of the limitations I have.


Thursday, 12 March 2020

More exotic scales experiments Neopolitan Scales

Neapolitan Scales

The Neapolitan Scales originates from the city of Naples and opera composers during the 18th century such as Domenico Scarlatti and Domenico Cimarosa.

There are both  minor and major Neapolitan Scales. The Minor Neapolitan could be seen as a Harmonic Minor with a flat second note, whereas the Major Neapolitan could be seen as a Melodic Minor with a flat second note. These scales are also connected to the Neapolitan sixth chord, which has a flattened second.

Minor scales overview 

Intervals: 1, 2b, 3b, 4, 5, 6b, 7
Semi-notes: 1 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 1 - 3 - 1
Formula: Half, Whole, Whole, Whole, Half, Whole and a half, Half

Major scales overview

Intervals: 1, 2b, 3b, 4, 5, 6, 7
Semi-notes: 1 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 1
Formula: Half, Whole, Whole, Whole, Whole, Whole, Half

I am currently in the research phase of my next sequence of albums. I plan to write solo and piano duets and wind and string trios in the Neopolitan scale they shall take the ABA1 format and all be just 75 bars long with each section taking up just 25 bars. If anyone can suggest album and song titles based a round Naples as a subject. Either village or city names, famous people (musicians and composers) from Naples or even famous landmarks. please don't hesitate to comment.

I have not decided yet if they will all be on the one album or to split them into categories ie 3 albums piano, wind and string.

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Ring the changes on

This song was written in three distinct modes C Ionian, C Enigmatic (Invented by Gussepie Verdi) and the C Super Locrian mode. Comment YES if you can spot the change from one to the other.

Mode Structure Whole-step/half-step Model

Aeolian (A) A B C D E F G A half steps are between 2-3 and 5-6, (just like "natural" minor) 
Locrian (B) B C D E F G A B half steps are between 1-2 and 4-5 
Ionian (C) C D E F G A B C half steps are between 4-5 and 7-8, (just like a "major" scale) 
Dorian (D) D E F G A B C D half steps are between 2-3 and 6-7 
Phrygian (E) E F G A B C D E half steps are between 1-2 and 5-6 
Lydian (F) F G A B C D E F half steps are between 4-5 and 7-8 
Mixolydian (G) G A B C D E F G half steps are between 3-4 and 6-7

You will no doubt recognise that only 6 modes are represented here. There are 6 other modes known as plagal modes. The ones here represent the authentic modes. The plagal mode always lies a perfect fourth below the Traditional form. Also when talking modes there is a final and a tenor or dominant, not a tonic, these can be different depending on which form is used authentic or plagal.


Sunday, 8 March 2020

Manic Mania OUT 8th May

Stream on drooble here 

Track List 

Manic Mania
Lonely Planet
The Red Planet

Lonely Planet in Drooble top 50 charts 

At Number 8 

click here to see chart.

Pre-Order 24th April

Releases on drooble

Full Releases

(includes purchase link)

Fire on the Mountain click here  


Romancing Angelica click here 


Streaming Only

 Until Official Release Date  

Experimental Chorus click here 

Drum N Bass click here 

Manic Mania click here 

Resolution click here 

Across the River click here 

Morphius click here  

Saving Shanaz click here 

Romancing Angelica OUT NOW (with buy link )

Track List

Romancing Angelica
Battle Train
Mountain Stairway

Fire on the Mountain Out Now (buy link included)

Track List

Fire on the Mountain
Waltz of the Damned
Sons of Thunder
String Quartet Waltz
A La Bartok

Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Drooble Chart success Top 20.. THANKS TO YOU !!!

Lonely Planet is a piano and string and drum piece coming in at number 5 this week

Morphius is a classical Orchestral piece coming in at number 10 this week

Andante Strings is a string quartet coming in at number 11 this week.

A big thank you to all the great listeners and fans.

listen to the Drooble Top 50 Chart here

And Dont Forget to tune into Drooble  Radio on this Blog in the righthand side panel  WEB version only, sorry mobile people 

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Artist Feature Lexi Todd and Get My Mind Right

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter LEXI TODD is a master of balance.

She heightens an ensemble, but always holds her own. She draws significant parallels between her day-to-day life and the experiences of others. She advocates for her own justice, but can be the voice of justice for other women and artists. She doubles as a music industry maven and performer, uniquely infusing pop, R&B and jazz for a signature brand of smart neo-soul.

Born in New Jersey, Lexi had a natural magnetism to music, vinyl and self-expression. She kept the beach culture and free-spirited nature of her hometown with her throughout her life, even as she traversed to the big city. As an artist, she excels at intersectionality, and has already been showcased at iHeart Radio, chosen as a featured performer at NY Fashion Week, scouted as an official RAW Showcase artist and more.

In October 2018, Lexi released her first solo EP, Maria, Immured. October marks National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and Maria, Immured is a deeply personal collection of songs chronicling a close friend’s battle with abuse and toxic love, and Lexi’s candid role in the experience. While she believes in uninhibited creation, Lexi makes sure to underpin her music with some social responsibility and Maria, Immured was a perfect example of her ability to use her own perspective to illuminate a bigger cause.

Lexi possesses a dynamic palette of influences ranging from Hiatus Kaiyote to Fleetwood Mac, as another example of how she has always welcomed duality in her life. By day, she navigates the music business behind-the-scenes, advocating for other artists and navigating industry politics. By night, she plays across the tri-state area, either fronting the alt-r&b band CHEVY LOPEZ, or commanding a stage solo.

From joining forces with longtime songwriting partner Ryan McShea, to experiencing a new level of musical liberation with the female songwriting collective SHIMASHIMA, Lexi found a large part of her early inspiration was external and collaborative. Writing within certain structures made her voice feel confined, and in the wake of the last few years’ feminism movements, she harnessed a newfound maternal energy that she felt compelled to work into her music.

On her July 2019 single “Madonna”, Lexi assumes a new direction, literally and musically. She found penning the smooth, female-empowerment anthem to be both necessary and therapeutic, a direct reflection of where she was at in her careers. It’s a song written for herself and other women who struggle to maintain authenticity, acquire respect and regain control in a world that still works to undermine their value.

With her newest single "Window Shopping," Lexi shows a softer side; showcasing her stronger sense of artistic agency. The fresh take on a Motown classic is an ode to a moment in time when her perspective of the world changed for the better. In it, Lexi breaks free of the negative static and embraces the beautiful chaos in the world. The song and accompanying music video premiered on SKOPE Magazine on October 29, 2019.

- By Brittany Brave

Latest Release 

Artist Feature Marta Palombo and Him

“I’m constantly inspired by the world around me – the smallest objects or actions can spark inspiration and become a song, just because they came at the perfect time. 

Art doesn’t always have to be about big, loud, life-changing things; it can be about the quiet days spent over a mug of tea, too.”

-Marta Palombo

If Joni Mitchell and Florence + The Machine had a 21st century hippie daughter, it would be Marta Palombo. Hailing from Florence, Italy, she found her home in Nashville, Tennessee where she spends her time writing, recording, performing, and curating a cabinet full of local teas. Marta effortlessly weaves diverse influences and genres into her own unique blend of off-kilter folk-pop.

Initially honing her wordsmithing and performance skills through poetry, Marta found nationwide recognition as Poetry Out Loud’s 2016 Georgia State Champion and National Runner-Up. After moving to Nashville, she geared her talents towards writing music full-time, releasing a steady stream of covers in English and Italian, as well as original compositions.

Marta has already made quite a name for herself in Music City, garnering a very loyal fan base. She’s played at well-known venues like Café CoCo, True Music Room & Bar, Commodore Grille, Bowery Vault, Two Old Hippies, Boulevard Records, Just Love Coffee, and Belcourt Taps. In addition, Marta has added both the Schermerhorn Symphony Center and Bridgestone Arena, where she sang back-up for Josh Groban, to her impressive musical resume.

Marta’s biggest hit came from an acoustic cover of LP’s 2015 single, “Lost On You”, soon followed by her debut extended play: 2016’s Revisions. Half personal introspection and half mission statement, the EP evokes imagery of halcyon days with hopes for the best of times to come, and a willingness to revel in the unknown, no matter the consequences. The single “Sparrows” followed in 2017, as well as two new songs in 2018: the soul-baring ballad titled “Bitter End” and the bubbly, optimistic “Gold.”

Admiring her roots while simultaneously eschewing the traditional notions of what a singer-songwriter should be is paramount to who Marta Palombo is as an artist. With Marta, there is always new music on the horizon -- and with the release of her latest EP, Him, Vol. 1, she demonstrates an ever growing passion for telling life’s stories, big and small.