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Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Artist Feature Thirsty Curses

Thirsty Curses is a rock n’ roll outfit based out of Raleigh, NC. The band was formed by singer-songwriter Wilson Getchell (vocals, guitar, piano) in early 2017 and features Kelley Otwell on lead guitar, Jim O'Keefe on drums, and Clayton Herring on bass. Thirsty Curses' material draws from numerous genres including punk, folk, country, pop rock, and grunge and explores lyrical themes ranging from the existential to the absurd. Thirsty Curses' music strikes a balance between exuberance and despair, and the band's live shows are energetic, entertaining affairs. Put simply, Thirsty Curses is a good fucking time.

 As YES! Weekly put it in a write up on the band, "Thirsty Curses make rock’n’roll, with a boisterous beer-swilling edge to it. Many of these songs are about living it up while things fall apart at the seams, or at least trying to find some glory in chaos and meaninglessness. You might hear a connection to the Replacements, the Hold Steady, the Dropkick Murphys, and other rowdy rockers."

Shy Cat Media and Simon Lucas-Hughes Present --- Pressure Makes Diamonds

"Swirling, immersive electro-pop” – The Line Of Best Fit

“Beautifully dappled electronics with a pop twist” - Clash 

“A sparkling ambient-pop gem” - DIY 

"Genius" - Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music 

“The duo display their ability to sculpt sounds with a restraint that allows the beauty of their melodies to shine” - Earmilk 

"Invigorating" - The 405 

"Dream-pop at it's absolute best" - Ollie Winiberg - BBC Radio 1 & BBC Introducing 

Both born in early March (Pisces), our birthstone is Amethyst. We love Gin, Faux Fur and have a fetish for old synthesisers. 

You'll find us in our studio playing drums on a Roland 505 whilst jamming along with an Omnichord, a Pocket Piano and some guitar loops. 

Electronic duo Amethysts are renowned for expertly crafting their brand of Indie Electro. Working with esteemed producer Shuta Shinoda (Daughter, Ghostpoet), the East Anglians use their soothing synths and biting guitars to create an intense, atmospheric experience. 

Having racked up over a million plays on streaming platforms alongside BBC Radio 1 and BBC 6 Music airplay as well as sessions with BBC Introducing, the rising pair have already worked with The Orchard (Sony), Ramp Recordings (James Blake, Jamie XX) and Manimal Vinyl Records (Bat For Lashes, Yoko Ono, Moby, Warpaint). The pair have played sets at Latitude Festival, Secret Garden Party, BBC Introducing Live and played support slots for Anna Meredith and Nothing But Thieves among others. 

Amethysts are currently preparing their debut album.

N1M charts success





Straight in at number 8

Number 9

Number 10



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Sunday, 23 February 2020

After the Calm

Artist feature 

After the Calm

check out one of their videos here

check out their spotify here

According to their profile they started in 2014 on Memorial Day in a Living room Jam session.

They featured on Chennband's playlist

among their related artists are interfate

other related artists include Settle Your Scores, and Bitches on Acid

Friday, 21 February 2020

Artist Feature Lost in Majority The Age of Lies

Lost in Majority, founded in Vienna in 2003, has ever since followed their objective of creating power- and meaningful Alternative Progressive Rock. 

In their songs, they strive for a high level of detail and wrap their socially critical approach in wonderful melodies and strong hooks. 

The band points out contradictions within our society and puts the most pressing issues of our planet (be it political, social or environmental) in the main focus of their lyrics. 

After their debut EP, Lost in Majority released two records: “Falling To Ashes” in 2018 and “the age of lies” in 2020. Both albums address the personal as well as the social insanity that was and is still rampant.

Wednesday, 19 February 2020


Call Me Tuba #8

Prelude #9

Morphius #10

A big thank you to my fans and listeners on drooble radio and their radio partners across the globe !!!

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Introducing Pasha Black

‘Wabi-Sabi’ is a traditional Japanese way of describing an aesthetic perception of the world’s beauty through its imperfection, finding sophistication in simplicity. A renown musician once pointed out that this understanding was perfectly represented by his shabby old guitar, which he still played during the creation of most of his band’s songs.

The technological developments of the 21st century, along with the proliferation of the internet and digital media, have changed the face of musical practices and forms once held to be the norm. Under these shifting circumstances, Pasha Black of Kyiv, Ukraine, devotedly carries out the role of today's musician, showing both excellent songwriting and production skills, while striving to maintain an exceptional purity of sound and the clarity of his music's message. 

A musical patchwork of pensive joy and thoughtful sadness, impressive mature melodies, and deep lyrics accompanied by richly textured instrumentation, help him to tell his picturesque story. Pasha’s commitment to every small detail of his music enables him to take his listener's minds to faraway places, allowing their spirits to soar.

Introducing Emily Lockett

Emily is an UK based independent music artist, writing and performing in the country/pop, Americana, singer / songwriter genres, in her spare time she is a music student at BIMM Manchester.

​ Emily's passion for music started at a young age, writing songs from age 12. Just a few years later and Emily's song "Reflection of Me" was highly commended in 2017 in the national Song Academy Young Songwriter competition (age 13 - 18 category) and her song "Nice Eyes" repeated this in the 2018 competition. ​ 

Emily's first collection of self-penned songs, called "Reflections of Me", was released in December 2016. In December 2018 a second EP called "My Imagination" was released and was awarded 5 stars by Maverick Music Magazine (Jan/Feb 2019 issue). Work on a 3rd EP has already commenced and the first single "That Girl" was released on 13 Dec 2019.

Friday, 14 February 2020


Hey I'm in the charts on drooble in the classical charts currently #3,#4 and #5 take a look at the DROOBLE CLASSICAL CHART






Wednesday, 12 February 2020

To a First Love lyrics by Thomas Charlie Pedersen

You cry out with the lust of youth

and, sweetheart, so do I.

The heartfelt yearnings that we feel

we simply can´t deny.

And yet despite the joy we seek

and we know that we must wait

perhaps next year we´ll make the scene

when both of us turn eighteen

The first youthful yearnings. The desire for that first joyful embrace. Lets be honest it never turns out like any of us imagine. You have never kissed anyone and you imagine what its like to kiss, but it never turns out like you imagine.

I can tell you, it does get better with practice

What we feel as teenagers is intense, hormones bearly under control, still confused, the desire to go out into the big wide world, to make your mark.

Life is not a practice run! So decide to LIVE! and that can only happen if you do it on PURPOSE!

To A First Love can be found on  Day Light Saving Hours



1. To A First Love 
2. The Meriwether Pull 
3. Movables 
4. Green Plateau 
5. The World Is Not Your Oyster 
6. Sad To See You Go 
7. Must Be The World 
8. The Witty Moniker 
9. Stay True 
10. Blood Moon. 
11. The Freewheeler 
12. At The End Of The Day 
13. Faithful Mistress 
14. Daylight Saving Hours 

Running time:37 mins 
Release date: February 7 2020 

I´m the lead singer and guitarist of the Danish alternative rock band Vinyl Floor. ’Daylight Saving Hours’ is my second solo effort. The album was made at an apartment in Nørrebro, Copenhagen and was recorded and mixed by my brother Daniel Pedersen who is also the drummer of Vinyl Floor. ‘Daylight Saving Hours’ continues the acoustic and minimalistic stylings as heard on my first album ‘Second Hand War’ (2016) albeit a tad more arranged this time. We’ve utilized strings, vocal harmonies, alternate guitar tunings and we´ve experimented with noise and reversed sounds during the recording. 

The project started out as demo recordings but I´ve decided to release these songs because I want to present them as raw as possible and because I want to preserve the feel of how they were written. Amidst choosing songs for my eponymous solo album I left out some songs with a more extroverted feel. Some of these songs have been included this time around, whilst others are brand new and have been written directly for this album. Unlike the first album - which was quite introvert and personal - the new album sees me writing mostly about other people with a strong emphasis on the lyrics and melody and a few lyrical wordplays thrown in for good measure. I write about the commitments of love, illusionists, otherworldly interference, melancholia, women in trouble and the different aspects of getting older (I´m turning 40 next time). 

The title ‘Daylight Saving Hours’ is a wordplay on the expression ‘daylight saving time’. These songs try to hold desperately onto the light in a world which just seems to be getting stranger and darker. I played all the instruments myself while Daniel contributed some guitar overdubs, arranged strings and added vocal harmonies to several songs.

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Artist Feature Black as Chalk

Artist Feature

Black as Chalk


In my hometown there once was a record store. A jewel well hidden within a small street offside the pedestrian zone. Depending on ones perspective, it made the beginning or the end of the city. The bearded owner filled its ridiculously small 25 square meters with a complete collection of handmade music’s history. The electronic stuff he left over for the hipsters in the central shopping mall. The bearded owner called his dark cave "Pop-Shop", albeit his collection descended down to the deepest trenches of satanic death metal. There was no subdivision within genres whatsoever – every piece had been stoically sorted by the alphabet. One who was searching for the new studio album of the untiring Rolling Stones as a present for father’s birthday unintentionally came across The Ramones or The Rollins Band. The way to Miles Davis was crossed by Dark Funeral oder The Damned. The chainsmoking and coffee drinking owner never commented on the buying decisions of his customers. He preferred to influence them by constantly playing rustic insider tips, whose cumbrous charme and dusky blue atmosphere spoke to everyone having a heart for rockmusic offside the common radio formats. 

If an album like "Ouro" would have existed at that time – the bearded owner had played it up and down all day. Even more, the four-piece from Göttingen would have motivated him to start one of these days, at which he not only played whole vinyl albums, but mixed different songs together using his second turntable. The immense variety of "Ouro" offers a lot of opportunities for that, though the album is deeply routed in different traditions of rock history while at the same time outstretching its branches in manifold directions. The beardman would have let the album fixed on the left turntable while mixing in newer and older classics from the right one. The craggy garage rocker "Snake Handler" would have started a pogo moshpit with The Stooges or MC 5 right in front of the club stage. Single notes and shreds of code would have risen up into the blue smoke over the turntables during the whispering and crawling of the spooky "The Commuter", joining the soundscapes of The Notwist. "Take My Place" would have shown the very early Placebo who’s the leader of the pack and inspired them to write "The Bitter End". Corresponding to the sparse acoustic ballad "Letting Go", Johnny Cash would have shown up between the shelfs. A very special favour Black As Chalk would have done to the enthusiastic DJ by delivering the tight lumps "In This Gloom" and "Helmet Off", because their sound offers every musical missionary the chance to present the secret masterpieces of Noiserock the curious customer, spanning from Dinosaur Jr. over My Bloody Valentine to the early works of Blackmail vorzustellen. If someone asks… 

The bearded owner wasn’t a cheerful man. His voice grumbled, his eyes examined everyone with scepticism and his face showed marks of a life in which unicorns only exist to be shot by poachers. But did it happen that a customer pointed at a turntable and asked for the record, he smiled like a child. To the surprise of the customer he would not only have drawn "Ouro" from the shelf, but additionally three more albums which Black As Chalk had wrenched out of their souls, their instruments and the gritty, rainy alleys of their age-old hometown with its historic half-timbered houses. If Black As Chalk would have been on tour, he‘d also pushed some tickets over the counter; real tickets, printed on paper already yellowed from his smoke. 

The bearded owner always had to fight with his store. Even in the mid-90s, as the sales of physical sound carriers reached its height and the beardman also sold CDs in his self-furnitured shelfs. He didn’t lived from the music, he lived for the music. The same is (for now) true for Black As Chalk, who sold a guitar in order to pay the recording of their third album and who now abolished the piano on their fourth effort. But this time the reduction was not due to the money, but rather serving the sound and aesthetics. 

The motto goes:
Less is more.
Meager is more intense.
Smaller ist bigger.
The bearded owner of the old record store would have approved, murmuring.
(Oliver Uschmann)

Kurztext für Veranstalter etc.

Black As Chalk

Rustic and sensual. Sparse and spooky. Furious and lucid. Black As Chalk are wrenching a sound out of their souls, their instruments and the gritty, rainy alleys of their age-old hometown Göttingen; which combines the clashing impact of Noiserock with the atmospheric poetry of original Indie-aesthetics. Timeless melodies hide deep in the apparent chaos of the garage. Versatile compositions strike their roots into the depth of rock history while at the same time outstretching their branches in manifold directions of the best musical neighbours. 

This is their latest release

Hey guys ive just added your latest release to my indie songs list

Why not give them a listen and make your own mind up?

Among their related artists are Tupelo Highshots

They are featured on :

Coming Soon Desert Places

Track list

Oboe and Piano
Oboe and Piano 2
Oasis Rest
Desert Winds
Desert Ride
Desert Heat.

Monday, 10 February 2020

Morphius Due out early April

Listen to excerpts 

Track List 

Non Tradtional Scales
Call me Tuba
Andante Strings

Since this post was first released there have been two more tracks added!

The Guardian


Neo's Salvation

As most of you will know both Morphius and Neo are characters from The Matrix. Those are two names which popped into my head whilst composing these two works so I named them Morphius and Neo's Salvation in honour of the rabbit hole. 

I hope you will play the short video I made and leave some feedback.

More from Sedai

Sedai's adventure with music began quite early. At first it was a fascination with the emerging electronic scene and rave scene. Access to it in the 1990's was limited in Poland. He listened passionately to MTV and the German VIVA 2 TV Channel  and wanted to create similar sounds.

From the first payouts He bought the first Roland mc-307 groovebox, Then his first PC computer. and so started to create. Without any musical background he learned everything by himself as the internet was in its infancy and there was limited access to information.

And so  Sedai was born. He liked to work with others. So co-created several projects. One of them was Satellite Addiction- with a vocalist and a guitarist. This project was very important to him, because it resulted in the first, and so far, only CD, recorded in the studio and subsequently released. The project was discontinued as Emilia, the vocalist, became  a mother and focused on a career as a psychotherapist. 

Another project is Seboom. it is a project he co-created with his friend and guitarist Remik and other musicians who support them on stage from time to time. It has been going on for years, but with large breaks.

When they can meet, they create and record new ideas. They've recently made a soundtrack to the silent movie of 1920 under the title "Genuine, the tale of a Vampire". They played it several times and was received enthusiastically by the audience and will therefore continue similar themes .

He also makes music for performances, exhibitions and other projects. A few years ago he began making music workshops for kids and youngsters.

In the near future he hopes to cooperate with musicians from different music styles and genres and finish his debut album.

Sunday, 9 February 2020

new album out soon ACROSS THE RIVER !



Musical Artizan's Legend Released OUT NOW

Released on 7th FEB 2020

Track list

Symphony in brass
My Desert Rose
Orphelias Revenge
Experimental One

RELEASED ON JAN 31ST 2020 Dominant Aeolian OUT NOW



Track List 

Sphinx Hunter 
Hirajoshi wind orchestra largo
Geez Geezer
Alien Aeolian

David Sweetlow Release The Times We Live in.

David Sweetlow

David SweetLow is an English singer/songwriter and producer now based in Sapporo, Japan. He plays his music live around the world but mostly in Japan, Spain and the UK. 

David has worked with many of the great producers in the UK and the USA and has had 2 chart topping successes in the UK and Europe as a member of the bands “Tonight” and “Yen”.

He has written songs for Cliff Richard and worked with Gary Numan, Alan Tarney, Andy Hill and Gary Langan from “The Art Of Noise” and many more.

He has been signed as an artist to “WEA Records” Polydor Records” IRS Records, Miles Copeland’s record label and “Akashic Records” in Japan. 

His music is based around the acoustic guitar and is influenced by Americana/Country/Folk and singer-songwriter genres. All his work is self produced.

David's listeners are truely Global.  

At heart David is an Essex boy having lived in America, Spain and now Japan.

His top listeners are found in the United States, Italy, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, Mexico and Brazil.

His latest release is The Times We Live in. Released August 1st.

If You want to purchase his music here is the Purchase link

Follow his Youtube channel here

His next Gig is on 21 February 2010

 Click here for more info

Here are the Spotify links for his artist profile and his latest release.

Here are some of the playlists he can be discovered on

Friday, 7 February 2020

Introducing Anna Belle and Tokyo

Anna Belle is a synthpop/R&B artist based in Nashville, TN. Her artist concept centers on creating all of her content independently including catchy songwriting, analog-esque production, exciting performances, and carefully conceptualized videos. Anna Belle has completed a total of 900 commissioned recording projects and also hosts a music livestream show viewed daily by thousands internationally. In 2018, she was featured on the regionally syndicated late night show The Mystery Hour and performed at Playlist Live Orlando 2019. Last April, Anna Belle released her first EP entitled "The Past" along with a self-directed music video which now acts as her flagship demonstration of her artistry-- retro, soft, and soulful. She is due to make her first national TV appearance with Celebration of Music on PBS this summer.

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Susan Moss

Susan owns and manages Moondream Music Group take a look at her website here Moondreams website.

MoonDreams Music is singer/songwriter Susan Moss, whose first release was Carousel Dreams - A Collection of Lullabies, a multi award-winning cd of original, ethereal, dreamy style lullabies on her independent record label, MoonDreams Music Recording Group. Susan wrote all the music on the album, and co-wrote three of the songs with former MoonDreams partner and lyricist Donna Martin. The music was recorded with various session musicians. Carousel Dreams won a Parents' Choice Award as well as iParenting Media and NAPPA awards. It was also reviewed as a parenting pick in Parenting Magazine, and the School Library Journal. Diamond Dreams is MoonDreams Music's second release, a single in the style of soft rock, written by Susan Moss. It was recorded and produced by Dean Bailin, award winning guitarist and producer, who played on the Rupert Holmes 70's hit, The Pina Colada song.

her latest release a new mix of tropical breeze called stoneygate goa beach remix has already taken listeners by storm.

I have to thank Susan for her awesome support of unsigned artists one of my own songs is consistantly ranking high among listeners. Thanks to one of her playlists Awesome work Susan your a God send.

As homage to an artwork I found on her website here is something for you kids to colour in. This is one of my very own works so enjoy colouring Susan.

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Albums due out in April 2020

Saving Shanaz

Saving Shanaz is a collection of piano solos and duets

Desert Places

 Desert Places is a mix of Guitar & Oboe, Piano & Oboe and Piano & Cello