Saturday, 4 January 2020

This is Jimena Arroyo

Jimena Arroyo is a session singer-songwriter, topliner, published writer, ESL teacher and English-Spanish sworn translator from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

From an early age, she has shown a talent for inventing her own songs and stories, so much so that she used to make up her own nursery rhymes at kindergarten and, at the age of 8, she wrote her first song in English, her second language.

At the age of 19, she won a car in a singing competition on the TV show "1,2,3 OUT!". From that moment, she started performing live and worked as a touring singer for over ten years in bars, theaters, restaurants, resorts and some local TV shows in her country while she studied translation at the National University of La Plata.

After graduation, she kept pursuing her passion: writing. She has published seven children’s books so far. But just like we all go back to our first love, it was writing music that really drove her, so she started composing songs with very talented musicians all over the world she met through different social networking sites.

Over the past few years, she has collaborated with numerous talented musicians, composers and producers from all over the world and her music is being played on radio stations worldwide. Along with her solo career as a songwriter, she is the lead singer of the duo Excorde, with Jonnie Cook from the USA.

​The genre she likes the most is melodic rock (soft, classic, progressive, metal, glam, AOR & alternative), but she also enjoys writing songs of other genres, such as pop, EDM, disco, reggae, ballads, reggaeton, among others.

​Her songwriting talents have not gone unnoticed and since her comeback in 2017, she has been nominated for several international awards, such as the 2018 Nashville Universe Awards, the 2018 Josie Music Awards and the 2019 ISSA (International Singer-Songwriters Association) Awards.

She released her first EP "Penelope" in December 2017, co-writen with the multi-instrumentalist Torbjørn Vagle, from Norway. And since then, she's been releasing singles both with Excorde and other producers, such as the fabulous Phil Trickey. She's currenty working on sync placements and writing for other artists as well as herself.

Latest release : 

' So many emotions locked behind the door ' what wonderfully inspired opening lyrics to a magnificent song heart on the floor...not worthy of love ''An emotional journey captured in words, which makes us all really feel  a powerful story expressed with such passion. An amazing adventure which explores the sorrows and triumphs of the human heart.

A truly inspiring song-writer.

This song majors on the sorrows of the human heart but the final realisation that all the pain and sorrow was based on false beliefs and lies. The long hard road to truth was worth it. To know she was valued and  loved and those who believed she was trash were not worth wasting time on.

I have listened to a number of her songs and I cannot escape the emotional wisdom expressed in her songs.   


  1. Thank you incredibly much for this review. Thank you for your intent listening and kind words. I truly appreciate it :)

  2. my pleasure and thank you for such a great song