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Friday, 31 May 2019

What is a caprice in music ??

Caprice : a piece of music, fairly free in form and of a lively character. The typical capriccio is one that is fast, intense and virtuoso in nature.

One example of a famous Caprice is Paganini's Caprice 24

Other examples can be found below 

This my attempt Caprice No 1:

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Artist Feature Kevin Nichols

This is Kevin Ray Nichols

Kevin Ray began his music journey as a teenager when he wrote with his brother. Later he joined the  Air Force, after 21 years he shares his passion for music,worship and Jesus.


Top Featured Playlists  by Mark Grundhoefer and Haven Yates

Kevin Ray can be found on Follow the Stars (2019) which is  curated by Mellisa Marks who's own musical journey has been filled with wonderful opportunities and who is inspired by Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston  

Kevin Ray can also be found on Underground on Holy Ground curated by Musical Artizan (myself) Email if your an underground christian artist and want to be added.

Press Release Specific Moments Fly Me Away

Specific Moments is a happy go lucky band from Bergen Norway. Still, their songs are about real life issues. This is music suitable for both that really good party mood and those moments when a proper song is what you need to get things going

Fly Me Away is about finding a sanctuary or a peaceful place to go when you are overwhelmed with either stress or negativity. Fly away to someplace different that lets you find your own inner peace.

Fly Me Away is the first offering from their forthcoming EP, released by Lekrofon. This is a guitar driven sing along funky pop song that really sticks! We hope to see it hit the airwaves and suitable playlists.

Release 7. June 2019 : Fly Me Away 3:28 : funky indie pop

Music Genre: Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Funk Pop

Similar bands/inspirations: John Mayer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cage The Elephant & Foo Fighters

Instruments: Vocals, Guitars, Saxophone, Keys, Bass and Drums

Find them on spotify 

Find them on these playlists

Find them on YouTube! 

Find them on FacebookTwitter ,Instagram

The following is a copy of their facebook bio which I have translated in google translate

Minimumskravet til musikkonservatoriet i København er en utdannelse innen musikk. Heldigvis oppfylte ikke Martin dette kravet, da han og Fredrik kun har en bachelor som musikklærer. Dette medførte til at bandet som kun skulle være et prosjekt for å prøvespille på konservatoriet fikk en mer permanent status, og fikk navnet Specific Moments. 

Med på lasset kom også Ben og Kenny, som en stabil og trygg rytmeseksjon. Denne kombinasjonen av musikere skaper en sjangerforståelse og musikalsk retning som er unik innen bandmusikk. Specific Moments er influert av det positive og dansbare, og har som filosofi at uansett hvor mørke temaer det blir skrevet om, så skal det alltid være en "silver lining".


The minimum requirement for the music conservatory in Copenhagen is an education in music. Fortunately, Martin did not meet this requirement, as he and Fredrik only have a bachelor's degree as a music teacher. This meant that the band that was only going to be a project to test play at the conservatory got a more permanent status, and got the name Specific Moments. Ben and Kenny came along as well, as a stable and safe rhythm section. This combination of musicians creates a genre , understanding and musical direction that is unique in band music. Specific Moments is influenced by the positive and the danceable, and has as a philosophy that no matter how dark themes are written about, there should always be a "silver lining". 

Monday, 27 May 2019

Artist Feature Ko Euno

This is Ko Euno

The Season released less than 9 hours ago this  beautiful relaxing piano music is suitable for bedtime listening, it brings a sense of calm too.

This is one artist I will be listening to more often.  

I can't say much about this artist as they don't have a bio on spotify yet. If anyone knows more please get in touch as I would like more details.

Sunday, 26 May 2019

Atonal Piano and Strings

Atonal music is a generalizing term used to define music that seems to lack a clear tonal centre. Nearly all music in the western classical tradition is considered 'tonal': that is, its harmonic structure is primarily triadic and hierarchically organized around a prominent tonal centre

I do my best work when I cobble things together, if had tried to plan this I would not have been able to make it work. 

If you dont know the difference watch this little video.

Here is what the score looks like.

If you want more info then have a look at this article on wikipedia.

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Artist Feature Fashion Week

This is Fashion Week

Fashion Week describe themselves as an alternative rock band. They originate in Columbus Ohio

Their top track Scars has had over 200,000 streams Dark of the Cinema and Everyone Pretends have both had more than 20,000. They definately are making an impact. According to their stats they enjoyed a significant increase in streams recently. Well Done!! 

Among ther related artists are Scarlet Lane and Siobhan Dakay

Top Featured Playlists from Abrax Phaeton and Hack the Town SRS 

Artist Feature War Syntaire

December 13th their release of their latest album.

He is a wide ranging artist which is evidenced by the fact that he has well over 10K followers
Among his related artists are Perk and Gulf Stream Riders.

Currently his most popular track is Banger

Friday, 24 May 2019

Artist Feature Green Knuckle Material

Artist Feature Green Knuckle Material

Hey this song starts with guitar then the sax comes in

Its part of the new release Back to Your Roots 

Featured on several playlists including this one by Emily

According to their profile these guys have a unique history

They are one time travelling George Kilroy Martin the universes last hope

Essentially 1 into 5 equals 20%

They each need the other to be complete !!!

Whilst the fate on the universe rests  on these guys shoulders.

The Queen of Dragons flies into the rising sun !

Apparently shes on the other side.

Waiting !!

Hey great job on getting just over 37000 listeners

Artist Feature Vinny Ray Fukin Johnson

Artist Feature Vinny Ray Fuckin Johnson

According to his soundcloud this guys been shot and survived.

This is his spotify artist profile

Remember Nick Cruz: The Cross and the Switchblade.

Amazing story

The cross and the switchblade

Unfortunately they use guns now even semi automatics and even worse.

I recommend it as a good read for everyone !!

Here is Nick Cruz personal testimony from youtube

Hey Vinny Ray, I bless you with God's amazing love. May His grace fill your life and allow you to fullfill your God given purpose!

If you have not already give my daretobelieve blog a  read.